Woman Who Bragged That She Was 'The Queen Of Tax Fraud' On Facebook Gets 21 Years In Jail

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The stupid never seems to stop when it comes to dumb criminals. Whether it’s accidentally dialing 911 during their murder-plotting or jumping on YouTube to make sure grandma knows what a great little bank-robber you are, there’s just something about these criminals that make them go internet stupid. How else could you explain when these guys bilk money out of companies and governments, then jump on Twitter to taunt the authorities? Criminals, by and large, are stupid.

this little piggy
“Go in after them? No, no, we just wait outside until they come stumbling out looking for a bathroom.”
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Well, let’s put another one up on our wall of jack-ass-ery, shall we? Meet Rashia Wilson of Tampa, Florida. Rashia is the self-proclaimed “queen of IRS tax fraud.” And she self-proclaimed this everywhere, including on her very personal Facebook page which had her very verifiable name splashed all over it. And, I have to admit, Rashia was very good at IRS tax fraud.

Prosecutors have said Wilson was among the most brazen thieves to commit identity theft tax refund fraud in Tampa. In 2011, she boasted to be Tampa’s “queen of IRS tax fraud” in a Facebook post while stealing as much as $20 million, according to court documents.

A prosecutor said Wilson used the money stolen from taxpayers for “personal greed and glorification.” Wilson bought a $90,000 car and a $30,000 birthday party for her 1-year-old daughter with the money, according to court documents.

See? Really good. What she was less good at was keeping that hidden. After brazenly posting about how awesome at crime she was on Facebook, the authorities came more quickly than…no, you know what? I’m not going to make that joke. They just got her, okay?

In any case, faced with 22 years in the clink, Rashia pleaded guilty and then wrote the court an apology letter and begged for leniency. The judge obliged, knocking a whole year off and saddling her with a measly 21 years in the federal pen. Nicely done, Rashia Wilson! Enjoy your stay!

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Comments on “Woman Who Bragged That She Was 'The Queen Of Tax Fraud' On Facebook Gets 21 Years In Jail”

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scallywag (profile) says:

Can anyone not wonder how the self bragging is the same place where Rashia came up with the idea to attempt her next to impossible stunt of robbing the IRS. In the end Rashia wanted to taunt the system that all her life had taunted her…


Ehud Gavron (profile) says:

Criminals are NOT stupid... or maybe they are. We can't tell.

“Criminals, by and large, are stupid. “

Sure, if you’re defining “Criminals” as individuals convicted of a criminal violation. Otherwise, however, this is a sample of convenience, and its conclusion lacks sufficient evidence.

Specifically, taking as a class not only the convicted but “anyone who commits an act violating criminal law” then there is no way to know if even a majority are stupid. That’s quantitative analysis of numbers of crime-doers.

If you take the sheer size of various large heists and qualitatively up those numbers to dollar figures, the criminals who get caught (three strikes you bum, you shouldn’t have stolen $2 from the church kitty!) are far far less significant than the jewel heists and art thieves and members of congress.

Just to keep it techdirtian:
We’ll never know for sure until we have Total Information Awareness?.



Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Criminals are NOT stupid... or maybe they are. We can't tell.

I came to pretty much make this point myself XD
We say criminals are stupid, but usually when pointing to the lowest of the low.

Honestly, are we going to say ‘Human’s are stupid.” while only looking at the average RIAA executive?

Anonymous Coward says:

It’s obvious she’s not the queen because if she were she’d be free living up.

Rule number one when it comes to crime –
Rule number two –
Rules three, four, and five –

Showing off is just plain stupid because it will get you caught every single time.
“Although that’s a good thing because she deserves time.”

“Keah, Jul 17th, 2013 @ 4:49pm

Damn wuts fucked p is she got 21 yrs for stealing which she should have but god damn Zimmerman free”

Money > Life, it’s a sad truth.

FM Hilton (profile) says:

Criminals, stupid or not

The smart criminals never let you find out:

Wall Street is full of them. They all like to boast about how much money they’re making, but at the end of the day, isn’t it the same as stealing?

Banks: How about those home mortgage thugs? You know the ones-
“no money down, 300% interest, and you get the grass for free!” Then they came and foreclosed on you when they figured out a better way to repackage that loan. Funny thing is, they also figured out a way to get the public to bail them out for ripping off their customers and going broke at the same time!

asdasd says:


Government (aka banks) rips off the tax payers? No punishment. Tax payers rip off the “government” (aka rich elite bankers who run the government), 20 years in jail. Corporations abusing “loopholes” (aka cheating)? No punishment.

The IRS sent millions of dollars to one mailbox address where illegal immigrants were ripping off the tax return process.

I bet not a single person was fired.

But let’s send a mother to jail forever. Typical government hypocrisy.

Rapists don’t even get 21 years.

What a fucked up system. I can’t wait until the people in this country wake the fuck up.

Anonymous Coward says:

I am glad to see someone get put in jail for stealing IRS money.. My money was stolen last year, gave the dumb arse police here everything on a silver plate to pick this he/she up and this bytch is still riding!!!! I had to threaten this he/she life before they are doing anything. I got a visit from the US Dept of Tres regarding a letter I wrote.. I said damn shame it had to come to a letter for someone to get off their arse and doing anything. I told them he/she has stole from a lot of folks.. betta find him/her before he/she is on the first 48….

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