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Summer is here, and with it, comes some of the most popular months for weddings. (June, August, September and October are apparently the most popular wedding months.) If you’ve ever been involved in a wedding, you know that photography is a significant part of the event — with standard family poses and slightly goofier “everybody jump!” shots. Until recently, couples were satisfied with simple photoshop airbrushing to eliminate facial blemishes, but now… there are some slightly more advanced techniques for a young couple’s wedding album. Here are just a few examples.

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Comments on “DailyDirt: Popular Wedding Photos”

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Paraquat (profile) says:

intellectual property issues?

Seems to me that there could be copyright issues here. Being chased by a dinosaur – don’t the Jurassic Park folks have the rights sewn up for that one? White wedding dresses – hasn’t that been trademarked yet? Surely wedding bouquets have been patented.

I’d advise anyone getting married not to permit any photographs at all. Especially if those photos get posted to Facebook, you can expect a flood tide of lawsuits to swiftly follow.

Nurlip (profile) says:

I wish TechDirt would do an article on wedding photography specifically, or if there is one out there, someone please point me to it. I’ve been married for almost 4 years but in that short time the trend of photographers retaining the rights to the pictures taken seems to be going to extremes. My brother got married a year ago and his photographer retained the rights to the images, only providing him and his wife with a CD of all of the photos. I believe she told them that other people who wanted ‘copies’ of any particular photograph should order them through her website, which only provided a way to buy prints. From what they told me, she implied that they were not allowed to distribute the digital files on the CD to anyone else b/c she owned the copyright and the CD was just providing what they paid for (they didn’t buy any prints from her). It seems to me that even though copyright ownership belongs to the person who took the pictures, when you pay a person to take those pictures, you are buying the copyrights up front, before the pictures are even taken. Is this correct or do photographers retain the rights to their photographs even if they are paid specifically to take them?

Jon Tinkler (profile) says:


Just reading Nurlip’s post, many photographers do retain copyright or some form of it. We take the approach of only retaining the right to use images for our marketing purposes, but giving free rein to the client to make copies as they wish.

It’s usually in the photographer’s contract (assuming they have delivered one).

Wedding Photographer Melbourne – Millgrove Photography

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