Another Court Tells Prenda To Pay Up On Attorneys Fees

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It looks like the bill for Prenda Law is going up. Yet another court has now awarded attorneys’ fees, telling “AF Holdings” (one of Prenda’s shell companies) to pay $9,425. Of course, since Prenda still tries to deny that it controls AF Holdings, I’m sure they’ll try to avoid paying up. It would be extra amusing if they suggested Alan Cooper should pay up, since that’s the name that was signed on various AF Holdings’ filings, but which many people believe was really signed by John Steele. Of course, since that whole “faking the name” thing flopped, it’s now been Mark Lutz — former paralegal/lackey of John Steele — who has been “named” as the boss of AF Holdings. So, it sounds like Lutz should pay this one… Now the question is how long does it take Lutz to realize that Steele, Hansmeier and Duffy will probably leave him hanging out to dry as well?

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Comments on “Another Court Tells Prenda To Pay Up On Attorneys Fees”

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DannyB (profile) says:

What happens when the musical chairs stop?

Oh the fun of musical chairs. Or hot potato.

Who is Prenda?
Who owns Ingenuity123?
Who owns AFHoldings?
Who is the actual plaintiff?
Who owns the copyright?
Who represents who?
Who controls what?
Who gets paid how much?

Oh, it’s not me, your honor! It’s someone else. I just show up in court, or collect checks, but I don’t make any decisions. I take orders from someone else who also is not a decision maker. Ultimately this all happens by itself. There is no top. There is nobody who makes decisions, controls or is responsible for all of this. While the Alan Cooper signature may be a forgery to give us the ability to later claim fraudulent copyright transfer, nobody actually signed it. And that Salt Marsh thing? He signs things, but the documents are quantum — they do not exist when a court wants to see them.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: That would be a good thing

What matters is that their funds and assets get taken. Take all their companies too. Even if it requires multiple fines/charges etc…
Then go in for the removal of their jobs.
The victims need that justice.

AF Holdings going bankrupt would be a win. The noose tightens and there are loses.

Anonymous Coward says:

no sympathy for any of them. they will all eventually be put in the position of having to admit to their crimes and pay up, just as they would do to those they were performing their shake down practice on. funny how it is a completely different matter when you’re on the receiving end of a court judgement, isn’t it?

Anon E. Mous (profile) says:

It’s my opinion that Steele is the one pulling the strings for all these entities along with Hansmeier. Steele and Hansmeier went to Law School together in Minnesota and started Steele Hansmeier together.

Lutz is a Paralegal who has worked for various Steele entities. Lutz in that brilliant Q&A with the Judge in Nyugen Case in florida ( where coincidentally Steele was present for a Prenda case…what are the odds!)

Lutz all of a sudden after Judge Wright put forth his Order To Show Cause, becomes CEO of AF Holdings and a bunch of it’s entities and Brett Gibbs becomes Lawyer of Record for AF Holdings.

So Lutz who couldn’t even answer the remotest questions about Sunlust Pictures and AF Holdings, and basic questions about who works there and claimed in the Q&A with the Judge to be just a “1099 contractor” is a mastermind able to organize Copyright Assignments and buying said copyrights and setting up LLC’s and offshore trust’s?

Yeah and Elvis is alive and working at 7-11. Lutz has worked for Steele for years and was the voice on the other end of those phone calls looking for Settlements that were robo-dialed to subscribers.

Now suddenly he is the corporate CEO master of business. Yes I doubt that. If you recall in the Deposition Of Hansmeier who appeared on the Behalf of AF Holdings (lordy, another coincidence!) couldn’t name any officers of the company and that no one drew a salary every from there that he was aware.

Who knew Mark Lutz was such a humanitarian in working for all these companies and entities for free as CEO (of course while managing to do robo-calls and demanding settlement payments)

I wish I could make that historic rise form Debt collecting and Para-legal work to CEO. Lutz ought to give the good folks at MIT a call and relish them with his tale of how he rose from debt collector for Stelle to CEO of mnay companies, LLC’s and offshore trusts.

Truly the American dream!

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