Now US Wants Transatlantic Free Trade Agreement With European Union To Include Turkey: Who's Next?

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Last week we wrote about the important news that Mexico is asking to join what began as a bilateral trade agreement between the US and Europe, with the suggestion that Canada might follow suit. Now, via @FFII, we learn that even before Mexico’s announcement, the US has been encouraging other countries to join:

Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu said Wednesday US Secretary of State John Kerry wanted Turkey to be included in Transatlantic Free-Trade Area (TAFTA).

Davutoglu said they would follow closely the process of Turkey’s inclusion in TAFTA.

As with Mexico’s application, it would seem that the European Union doesn’t get any choice in the matter. But what’s really interesting here is that it confirms the impression that the US is keen to build out TAFTA to include many more countries, including some far from the Atlantic that originally defined it. The big question is now: who’s next on the list?

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Comments on “Now US Wants Transatlantic Free Trade Agreement With European Union To Include Turkey: Who's Next?”

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Turkey says:

Turkey has a customs union with the EU

If you have to rant, at least don’t be ignorant.

If Turkey does not get involved with the negotiations now, it will face a fait accompli once they are completed, as it is already integrated with European Customs Area. So it is natural for it to be a party in any trade agreements EU is involved with.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Turkey has a customs union with the EU

Switzerland? Norway? Iceland? The microstates? Sure it is EEA and EFTA, but it is even more of an association than Turkeys…

Heck go mad and include The Council Of Europe with Russia, Ukraine, Serbia, Bosnia, Croatia, Aszerbadjan etc. basically the old USSR and old yugoslavian countries…

Somewhere you have to draw the line and including Turkey should make it a no-brainer to include EEA and EFTA. Getting crowded? Absolutely!
There has to be a line drawn somewhere and that line is usually EU + Switzerland. Including Turkey seems more of a “Turkey is our allies”-thing than based on customs. ACTA was almost 50 % about customs and Turkey was not a party there, so the argument seems weak!

RyanNerd (profile) says:

Re: Re:

When has the US ever done this? They stumble from one war into another war like a drunken giant.

The war on…

Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Iran, Cyberthreats, Terror, Drugs, (fill in the blank).

Sad thing is. I’m American.

I wish the US would concentrate on its own problems (trillions of dollars in debt and out of control government spending) instead of wasting time playing cops and robbers with the world.

Anonymous Coward says:

a) what has Turkey got that is so important that the USA wants it? has to be something. no way the USA does anything unless it is to it’s own advantage
b) how long before the EU actually grows some balls and tells the USA ‘hang on a minute, who gave you sole rights to invite countries on board? we have a say in this as well!!’

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