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As Prenda Hearing Nears, We Discover Allan Mooney Has No Clue That He's Listed As Representing Prenda Shell Companies

from the look-at-that dept

As we near the Prenda hearing that’s scheduled for 1:30 pm this afternoon, in which everyone is supposed to be showing up for Judge Otis Wright, the Star Tribune in Minnesota has a decent summary article about the entire mess, with particular focus on the case’s ties to Minnesota, where Alan Cooper lives, and where John Steele and Paul Hansmeier (oh yeah, and Brett Gibbs, though he’s not listed in the article) all attended law school. It’s also where Paul’s brother Peter, who supposedly handles the “forensics” for tracking down file sharers lives. But, most importantly for this article, it’s where Allan Mooney lives. As we explained last week, there were some hints at another possible Alan Cooper situation, in which Prenda filed documents showing someone in charge of a shell company who apparently was unaware they were drafted to that position. In this case, Prenda spelled his name differently on different filings. There’s Allan Mooney, Alan Mooney and Alan Mony.

The key bit in this article is that the reporter tracked down Allan Mooney, who Paul Hansmeier admitted is a former client, and he apparently has no clue that his name is appearing on these documents suggesting he runs Guava LLC and MCGIP LLC.

Allan Mooney, a Minnesotan who has brokered the sale of Internet-based businesses, said he introduced his friend Paul Hansmeier to some contacts in the porn industry. But he denied knowing that he was listed as the “sole organizer” of MCGIP LLC, a plaintiff in at least 20 lawsuits filed by Steele Hansmeier or contract attorneys.

Mooney also has been listed in court filings — with his name misspelled — as an agent for an entity called Guava LLC, which is registered in the Federation of St. Kitts and Nevis in the West Indies. Guava has been the plaintiff in 21 federal lawsuits since October, including six in Minnesota.

“That would be news to me,” Mooney said. “I’m not involved in any of that type of stuff. I’m more or less a personal trainer.”

Morgan Pietz has already filed the article with the court, even though Mooney is not among the list of folks asked to show up in court (though Alan Cooper is).

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Comments on “As Prenda Hearing Nears, We Discover Allan Mooney Has No Clue That He's Listed As Representing Prenda Shell Companies”

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silverscarcat says:


Man, I don’t think there’s enough popcorn for all of this!

What next? We find out that Mr. Hansmeier is secretly working on mind control technology?

I mean, all he has to do is put on American Idol and most everyone loses their ability to think and will follow anything you can get the celebs to say.

Ninja (profile) says:

Re: Shortage

?That would be news to me,? Mooney said. ?I?m not involved in any of that type of stuff. I?m more or less a personal trainer.?

I’d say that considering Mr Moonies contacts with the porn industry the next plot twist will be Mr Hansmeier admiting he has performed in some gay porn with Allan Cooper, one of the secret “artistic” pseudonyms of Allan Mooney. Then, during today’s hearings the judge will notice John Steele is absent just to be corrected by Allan Rooney explaining that John Steele is actually another pseudonym he uses when he pretends to be a lawyer or something. Also, Allan Mooney will reveal he’s Judge Otis artistic father.

Ahem. Nothing will surprise me in this Prenda case anymore.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: Shortage

And John Steele is really Allan Cooper, but he is suffering from amnesia from falling off that fishing boat. But he finds out that Alan Cooper is really his long lost brother, who just came out of a coma.

Then Judge Otis wakes up and realizes it was all just a nightmare.

This crappy soap opera was brought to you by Prenda, for all your comical needs.

out_of_the_blue says:

OMG! OMG! Another Prenda Law story! Fanboys swoon!

Mike is clearly crazy. He has clearly humped the snark, or whatever that phrase is.

Take a loopy tour of Techdirt.com! You always end up at same place!
Prenda Law! A staple in the “At The Bench” series. Mike sez (short version): “Wow. Wow. Wow. … The story is gripping.”

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: OMG! OMG! Another Prenda Law story! Fanboys swoon!

I’m having a hard time figuring out what OotB is trying to accomplish nowadays. Before, even if his posts were completely nonsensical, it still seemed like he was trying to argue actual points.

Now he’s like an old man yelling at a cloud.

It’s actually kind of disturbing, like a slow progression through dementia.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: OMG! OMG! Another Prenda Law story! Fanboys swoon!

Someone made an actual account out of the ootb name before the real ootb. So these days you never know if it really is ootb or just someone trolling as him. Also I think the real original ootb is long gone and it’s always just someone trolling under his name.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: Re: OMG! OMG! Another Prenda Law story! Fanboys swoon!

Although it wouldn’t surprise me if someone did actually make an account before he did, I think most of what was happening was just people posting using the name without an account trolling him for trolling which was actually pretty funny to watch since he was falling for it and getting more and more pissed off by the minute.

special-interesting (profile) says:

Hard to say atm but its got that fishy scent of money that a good detective follows. Especially with all the spelling variations.

My imaginary vision (grows) of the Prenda (John Steele, Paul Hansmeier, Duffy and Brett Gibbs etc.) involved characters sitting in a Phil Donahue TV show contested by the various vexed Judges (Judge Otis Wright, others) plus representation from DieTrollDie and some anonymous (behind a curtain) defendants have a lively and loud arguments, about fair use and IP as hearsay evidence, and then bringing out…

The caretaker Mr. Cooper which raises the level of rabid screaming and whining from the squalling law firms while, large muscled men with no hair, security personnel hold them back from violent fist fighting…

and our next involved mystery guest( held in the isolation box back stage) is… Allen Mooney! Please come out now!

-crowd roars

Beech says:

If you were Al Mooney in this stage of the proceedings, what would you do? Admit to direct involvement with these asshats? Of course he’s going to say he doesn’t know anything about it. I wouldn’t be totally surprised if Steele, Gibbs, and Hasenmeir (sp?) tried the same defense. “Yeah, I know my name is all over these filings, but it’s someone else! Someone stole my identity just like they did with these other innocent folks!”

special-interesting (profile) says:


-hardball hits face while standing in left field- ?whap? -catches ball anyway- [what a topic! -dances-]

I have been jumping up and down for terms closer to 15-30 years (absolute) so any retraction of current permanent copyright has got to be good. Think of the gain to public domain?

IMHO the Sonny Bono Copyright Term Extension Act should be replace with (and only with) our warm and fuzzy feelings for them. To our economic benefit a few local bars will actually be able to display their Sonny and Cher memorabilia (pictures, records and figurines) and play their music without fear of copyright abuse. (or whatever fave artist will be liberated from such a cultural black hole) There are many food formulas found in old literature. (am somewhat worried about name dropping but [original credit must be given] thanks Mike for (several) such post(s) years ago)

http://www.techdirt.com/articles/20091231/1105257562.shtml (typical of several about the cultural black hole of copyright) (Wow. Did I actually read all that?)

Since the copyright industry apparently controls the White House and D.C. Based DoJ (not district yet) Maria Pallante has been raised to hero status in my light. (Just for even raising the topic it is that rare.) Phone unlocking? Expansion of safe harbors to cover orphaned works? Review of the outright ridiculously outrageous statutory damages? Coooooolllllll. (Exciting even.) Even if fired b4 Wednesday (reality is sooo ugly) and left off as rumor it still counts and greatness. (don’t get me wrong, am still cynical)

Yes any time legislation is introduced it might be corrupted by the usual special interest groups. I hope they are able to fend off the normal commercial buy outs. (If they would whine and scream, and ignored as such, like little kids do when mom tells them she cant afford that bag of candy… Yes!)

It would be nice it we could convince our good legislators to never talk with them (monopolistic special interest groups) ever or be guaranteed a vote out next term. (Impeachment at an earlier date? Don’t laugh it is the way the public enforces their will.)

Life+50 is still waaayyy to long for copyright. My best cultural arguments are for a term much less than the life of the intended audience. (absolute 15-30 years) In this way the children you teach your lesson to will be able to use it before they die. (what is common sense?) Does anyone realize that Disney based most of his works from the then free public domain works? Who does not want to be as successful as Walt? (an anonymous comment [Jan 5th, 2010 @ 8:28am] said many things not said here which were good)

TW Burger: Monty Python retakes? Bwhaahahahahaah. That is so ridiculously commercial. On another note: Ted Turner did make an investment that should be rewarded. (He actually paid to restore old films.) NASA moonwalk evidence? Please keep the VCR/DVR running.

It is possible that several unfortunate treaties and trade agreements have been engaged but they can hopefully be tossed off as stupid mistakes. (congress many times does not ratify the treaties the president yaks about) The economic and cultural Renaissance (implied not guaranteed) leadership more than pays for the special interest medaling.

Because of all the culturally restrictive (am being polite) legislation attached to the current copyright amendment I think it should be discarded and replaced with something else. (lets work it out.) Eternal copyright destroys culture.

Notes: (reactionary, thanks! You guys/people are so good/awesome. My contribution is zero in comparison.)

Richard, Henry: that reminds me of when Disney used their warehouse of (now priceless) hand drawn cartoon and movie frame cells as landfill. (ievil laugh) (Vincent also states the obvious) (A lot of Disney war propaganda is currently unavailable.) (Henry: eternal copyright ?crying wolf? and slavery are definitely related. Several other arguments are interesting. Go! Public domain is relevant. Current legislation is an artifact of special interest groups not public cultural growth needs.)

The Anit-Mike: brings up interesting topics of present derivations of past works but does not mention that past works must enter public domain regardless of current interpretations. How can I criticize without detracting from presently derived original content and preserving old works from entering public domain? (dilemma.) (At some time the original artist [and it’s family] must let go.)

An artist will never be encouraged to create new works unless the copyright actually expires. (Fact. Argue with me.)

Preserving books and other media depends on family/corporate stability. So much is tossed out when moving (forced or otherwise) to a new location. It is possible/likely that the (non DRM’d) copy you have on your hard drive is the only one left.

PaulT, (with references) RT (and others): Heechee ancient fictional civilization. (Gateway, Frederik Pohl) That brings back memories. It had a (visionary) great digital awareness theme based on absolute energy use. (Read it) I would love to open a bar/restaurant based on such a theme. Bradbury 451F anyone? (The entire concept of culture is at risk.) (so many restaurant analogies… wow!) Always fascinating as to what enters common shared culture and how we work with such… (copyright awareness of cultural damage. Shock!) (+++) (another three stars.)

Copyright and trademark abuse is intertwined and not easily distinguished. The figure of Batman is trademarked permanently and will not be released if/when copyright is reduced. Again. What is the concept of culture?

If you don’t have your own Simpson’s episode plot in your head or in writing you are not putting in enough effort. (Or whatever show/movie fits your fancy.)

Henry Emrich (on a roll): graduated fees for extensions? Good. (if huge in comparison to the 95% lost culture of UN-republished works.) (difficult concept to outline) Project Gutenberg? Cool. (Gutenberg: Yes! Another less than 10GB [so far who cares.] success.)

Engage with me such (unfortunately obscure) topics as cultural (intelligence) awareness. Please! -anticipation-

Yogi: Culture ?it is always a common effort? is insightful.

Anomyous: ?The Epic of Gilgamesh. The tales of Homer. The Irish Ulster cycles. The great myths of the Norse and the Greeks and the Romans. The Saga of Beowulf. The Arthurian legends. Shakespeare and Chaucer and such. These have survived for hundreds, and in some cases thousands, of years. Because they we out in the public. People told and retold these stories thousands of times, building upon the tales and adding to them, enriching them. As a result, these have remained with us, inflaming our imagination, to this day.? (Did I detect historical (cultural) awareness? Yikes.) (Three star award.)

Another Anonymous said ?A tiny portion of culture has a government-enforced monopoly attached to it, for the time being, but that tiny portion doesn’t define the whole of culture.? We fight the current majority of cultural items being locked up with eternal copyright. Period.

More Anonymous said: ?The things that usually catch on have a “viral” respect to them, and old things don’t get a second chance. Modern culture will always be separate from that of 28 years ago.? This is actually beyond me. Greatness!

Another Anonymous: pointed out the tax liability of stupid legislation.

BearGriz72: I learned a good site: http://questioncopyright.org

cc: Another (Unspecified. Is my personal awareness increased by reading such? Love it!) awareness of greater public culture award.

Clark W Griswold: Wow. Awareness of current treaties. (And. Such protectionist stupidity.) I have no other comment than constitutionality. (Weak.)

So much input am lost. Overwhelmed. (legislation that has scammed millions.)

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