Prenda Law Fails In Attempt To Remove Judge Who Wants To Know Who Alan Cooper Is

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Remember Brett Gibbs? The California-based lawyer, who is handling a bunch of Prenda Law cases, has been trying to avoid the inevitable in some cases in California. As you may recall, Prenda Law was formed, in part, by copyright troll John Steele. Recently, Prenda has been involved in a number of very fishy cases, including representing firms “AF Holdings” and “Ingenuity 13”, which some have accused of being mere shells for Prenda or associated lawyers. Things got strange when a guy named Alan Cooper, who works as a caretaker for some John Steele properties in Minnesota, sought to intervene in some AF Holdings cases, after he realized that “Alan Cooper” was the name listed as CEO of AF Holdings and Ingenuity 13, and he feared that Steele had misused his identity.

A lawyer in California, Morgan Pietz, representing some of the defendants sued by Gibbs/Prenda, had brought Alan Cooper’s claims to the attention of the judge in California, and sought to have Gibbs explain if the Alan Cooper listed as CEO of Ingenuity 13 was the same house caretaker complaining that he thought his name was being used without his permission. If, in fact, it was a different Alan Cooper, the simple response would be to show that there’s another Alan Cooper and that person really is in charge of these companies. Instead, Gibbs threw something of a hissy fit, refusing to answer such a basic question.

Pietz then asked the court to compel Gibbs to answer some specific questions about the “Alan Cooper” named as CEO, as well as about Ingenuity 13 and AF Holdings. The court agreed and gave Gibbs a short deadline. Rather than doing his homework, Gibbs threw another temper tantrum and made a motion to get rid of the judge, Otis Wright, making a bizarre and silly argument that the judge somehow hated copyright holders.

The court has reviewed Gibbs’ request… and rejected it soundly, pointing out that there is no good reason to remove Judge Wright from the case, and that contrary to Gibbs’ claims, there appeared to be no bias against him, his clients or copyright law.

Plaintiff’s Motion for Disqualification is without merit. Plaintiff alleges no facts to suggest that Judge Wright is biased or prejudiced against it.

Plaintiff’s argument boils down its disagreement with the merits of Judge Wright’s discovery orders. This is not a cognizable basis for disqualification.

Furthermore, the court notes that it would appear that a much more logical explanation for Judge Wright’s orders is not bias against copyright or porn copyright holders, as Gibbs had claimed, but rather “the potential for discovery abuse.” In other words, not only does Judge Wright understand what Gibbs appears to be up to, but others at the court have quickly seen through his attack as well. So, the remaining question is what will Gibbs do next: will he actually answer the questions, or find another reason to throw a temper tantrum?

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Comments on “Prenda Law Fails In Attempt To Remove Judge Who Wants To Know Who Alan Cooper Is”

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Internet Zen Master (profile) says:

Poor Brett Gibbs...

For some reason I have an urge to Gibbs-slap (a la NCIS) the idiot at Prenda who thought it was a good idea for Brett Gibbs to try and get the honorable Judge Wright removed after Gibbs threw, as Mr. Masnick put it so eloquently, a hissy fit.

This circus of a trial hasn’t reached the point yet (emphasis on the yet) where I want to outright bitchslap Brett Gibbs. The guy’s at least trying to look like he’s got an actual case (unlike what happened with that farce over in Florida).

This whole Prenda Law debacle is like a train-wreck. You want to look away, but it’s just so fascinating to watch everything come apart.

Will Prenda Law continue its current deathspiral toward Righthaven-level infamy?

As the Zen Master says, “We’ll see.”

alanbleiweiss (profile) says:

Re: Poor Brett Gibbs...

” You want to look away, but it’s just so fascinating to watch everything come apart. “

Not for me. I don’t see any carnage involving Gibbs, or Prenda. So to me it’s just shear entertainment of the highest order.

Eventually, I HOPE there will be carnage involving Gibbs and Prenda. So I guess it’s more like ” a train wreck waiting to happen”, and thus I’m salivating in anticipation of the moment it does.

Anonymous Coward says:

So, the remaining question is what will Gibbs do next: will he actually answer the questions, or find another reason to throw a temper tantrum.

The guy’s got a huge, fragile ego. I be he’d actually convinced himself that the judge really was out to get him, and that he wouldn’t have to answer those ruinous questions once his friends found out how mean everyone was being to him. Now his castle in the sky isn’t just shaking, it’s about to crash-land. The whole world IS watching him, everyone IS going to find out what he’s been up to, and he knows it.

He’s going to snap. The question is, what happens then? He could try to skip the country. He might try to kill himself, or attempt murder-suicide. He might just get drunk. Who knows? You can’t predict what someone’ll do when they get backed into a corner like that.

sophisticatedjanedoe says:

Re: Re:

He can’t commit suicide. He is getting married in a couple of months. Which pretty much explains his desperation.

Leaving the country is also not an answer. Prenda’s former paralegal and “harassment officer” Mark Lutz left the country a month ago and initially stayed in a Cabo resort. Until recently… according to rumors, some time after New Year he was arrested, brought to Mexico City, held in a jail for a couple of days, and when released, found out that all his belongings are gone. Don’t ask me why: I have no idea. I bet he is in US now.

Oh THAT Brian says:

A suggestion on how to end it quickly.

What if Alan Cooper’s lawyer asks to approach the bar and suggests to the judge that Alan Cooper (the one that was the caretaker for John Steele’s properties) pleads to the court that if the judge will stipulate that since no other Alan Cooper is coming forward, he MUST be the CEO of the companies.

Then, Alan Cooper also pleads that he will forthwith drop all lawsuits and promises the court that he will never pursue another one, insofar as the court will guaranteed that he will never be prosecuted for these misdeeds.

Oh the fun! Whoever actually IS the CEO would probably trip over themselves to come forward, crying all the time that they simply misunderstood what their awful lawyer was telling them. All the time, knowing that if they DON’T admit who they are, Alan Cooper will come out of everything being handed the CEO reins of two of their companies!

Either way, they’re PrendaBoned!

Jay (profile) says:

Coming soon

You laughed when Righthaven sued without the legal rights to site…

You cried when the gay porn holders sued millions…

Now be prepared this summer for the movie that will have you in stitches…


Starring John Steele as himself

Mark Twain as the mysterious Alan Poole

Special guest Morgan Freeman as the narrator

If you are a pirate, watch out! This lawyer hears all and knows enough to keep you begging for sequels.

Coming soon to all torrents everywhere.

Gazaro (profile) says:

The public has paid for most of the research already ?

Don’t forget most public research is 100% funded by the taxpayer and therefore should be available as of right. Even private research entities receive government grants.. why should taxpayers have to pay up front for a work to be undertaken and then told… “we’re keeping it for us”… want to know what we found using your money… “Pay again”. Really !

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