Just As Ecuador Grants Asylum To Assange, It Prepares To Extradite Blogger For Exposing Corruption

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We just wrote about hypocrisy from Russia, condemning the UK over the Julian Assange situation at the same time that it was putting Pussy Riot in jail for political speech. As someone pointed out in our comments, there’s plenty of hypocrisy to go around, including with Ecuador, who, at the same time it’s granting asylum to Assange, is likely preparing to extradite a blogger who was granted asylum after exposing corruption in Belarus.

The plight of Barankov poses a real test of Ecuador’s commitment to human rights. A former Belarusian army captain, Barankov arrived in Quito in 2008 thanks to the Ecuadorian government’s very liberal immigration laws. He then set up a blog denouncing corruption and other crimes allegedly committed under authoritarian ruler Alexander Lukashenko. Ecuador initially granted him refugee status, but after a state visit by Lukashenko to Quito on June 29, he was arrested and is being held in the capital’s infamous, 19th century prison while the top court hears the case on Belarus’ fresh extradition request. If sent there, according to his partner, Maribel Andrade, he will face charges of treason and could be put to death.

Furthermore, the report in Time notes that Ecuador has a history of not respecting the basic privacy and human rights of its citizens and journalists:

Indeed, the hospitality that Ecuador extends to Assange is withheld from Ecuadorians who may try to emulate his online whistle-blowing tactics. Since Assange entered the embassy, Ecuador’s government has scrapped the need for a warrant to investigate private Internet Protocol addresses. Additionally, for the second time in 18 months, on July 31 government officials and police seized the computers of the newsmagazine Vanguardia, which has been critical of the Correa Administration. The charge: that the publication had violated labor laws. As a result, Vanguardia only managed to go to print this week with the help of donated computers.

Kinda makes you wonder if there are any reasonable governments out there.

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Comments on “Just As Ecuador Grants Asylum To Assange, It Prepares To Extradite Blogger For Exposing Corruption”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: Re:2 Pick a finger.

I saw the sarcasm.

No you didn’t. Either that or sarcasm is beyond your grasp.

Makes no sense.

It makes no sense to you. That’s a reflection on you, not the statement.

If TD didnt constantly point it out it would be appropriate. Just seemed like another jab comment.

Try thinking next time.

Oh, and feel free to study the marvels of proper spelling, punctuation and grammar.

Simple Mind (profile) says:

Re: Re:

This article isn’t about what the US is doing. Your comment is disingenuous because it implies that the author of the article is in some way ignoring the hypocrisy of the US.

A better, non-flippant, non-trolling comment would be something like the following.

“The US government was also hypocritical in condemning Russia over Pussy Riot at the same time of going after Assange.”

Anonymous Coward says:

all countries seem to be acting in much the same way. when a case makes the country look pretty good, it backs the person(s) or reasons concerned. as soon as there is an excuse to back track, that happens. i’m just waiting to see how long before Ecuador changes it’s mind either voluntarily or through force. i also expect Assange to never get to Sweden. as soon as he is grabbed from the Ecuador embassy in London, he will be on his way to the USA and wont be heard from again, at least not until he is too old to have any interest in doing anything. more than anything, it shows just how low governments will stoop to get their way, how big a liars they are and the lengths they will go to fabricating evidence. with more and more doing the same thing, country/government cooperation is on the increase. the detrimental affect to the people is oh so obvious though.

Anonymous Coward says:

it’s funny how assagage is all against Diplomants, Governments and ‘the establishment’, except when he needs their help, then he is all lovie dovie, one thing is for sure, he is not going to be supported long term by any S.American countries.

When it is convienient for Ecuador to asshole assnage, for their own political gains they will not hesitate.. It’s what happens when cowards run away to 3rd world countries after burning first world countries (America is not first world BTW)..

what is a married man with children sleeping with Wikileaks employees even swedish ones ?? assange is a scumbag, you have not worked that out yet ?

Anonymous Coward says:

The conviction of President Rafael Correa’s critics for criminal defamation violates Ecuador’s international human rights obligations and should be overturned on appeal, Human Rights Watch said today. Ecuador should abolish the defamation provisions in its criminal code, Human Rights Watch said.


Ecuador’s move to give WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange asylum has roused the wrath of the UK. But Ecuador has seen its own share of free speech problems, and the asylum offer could be geared at irking the US.

hahaha, so Ecuador is just USING Assange for their own political gains and to piss of America.. I wonder if Assange has worked out he is simply a pawn in a much bitter game, that Assange does not even understand !!!! LOL

pawns are expendible, as Assange will soon work out, when Ecuador decides they cannot gain points out of this, they will just squash him. or hand him over to the yanks for brownie points..

Stupidist thing Assange could of possibly done,, but when your a desperate coward, ya gotta do what ya gotta do..

funny but !!!!!!! damn funny..

Anonymous Coward says:

“But Assange, the self-styled champion of free speech, is in for a rude awakening should he successfully escape to Ecuador.

Out of reach: Wikileaks founder Julian Assange has been holed up in a room at the Ecuadorian Embassy

Scratch the surface of life in the South American country ? as I did this week ? and you discover a world of fear under a Left-wing dictator who responds to dissent with an iron fist. “

Anyone in this country of just 14 million who dares question his leadership is hauled off to jail on trumped-up charges. Corruption is widespread in the government, judiciary and police.

Most ordinary citizens refuse to even be drawn into the Assange debate for fear of reprisals.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2190401/Julian-Assange-Welcome-Ecuador-hotbed-corruption-extortion-repression-says-WikiLeaks.html#ixzz2486WrEfe

Anonymous Coward says:

IF assange had any brains (doubtfull) he would walk out of the embassy and give himself up to UK police, say “SORRY, SORRY” and “please send me to Sweden”.. I think Assange has been way too smart for his own good, and has put himself in a far worse position than if he had simply attended court in sweden and faced his charges..

now he just looks like a common criminal running from the law, if he expects fair treatment from Ecuador he is surly in for a huge shock of reality.. the UK, US and Sweden have a far better record in human rights that Ecuador can ever dream of having..

this has also put in focus Ecuador’s history, and record in dealing with ‘things’… it’s not a good record, and it looks really bad for Ecuador, who should have not got involved with this.
So now Ecuador will consume Assange for their own political gains (or try too), they do not care about assange, nor do they have a desire to protect him..

Assange tries to make out how damn smart he is, but he has shown by his actions that he is dumb as shit..

what comes around, goes around as they say..

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: Re:

at the moment is exactly right, that will last about 5 minutes in political time..

still does not change the fact, the no country (except ecuador) will extradite Assange to the US if the death sentice is on the plate..

so that line is bullshit, there is no extradition order from the US, and he would not be extradited to the US until he has fronted court in Sweden, but before that he will probably be required to do time in a UK prison for bail jumping..

he is actually getting himself in far more trouble, and committing more crimes, and he believes ecuador is going to have his back !!!..

not a change, Ecuador will chew up and stit out Assange when they get sick of him.. (very very soon), then Assange is in REAL TROUBLE, Ecuador will not give a shit about extraditing someone to a country with a death sentince, sweden and the UK, and Australia WILL NOT ALLOW that to occur..

it’s really really stupid of Assange to go this rought, it’s going to blow up in his face, and he should of known that to be the case..

what about the people who put up bail for him in the UK ? they lose their money and savings… assange is screwed..

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: Re:

he will have to server his prison time in the UK before they “let” him go to sweden, and after than who cares ?? he could easily do time in the UK, then be sent to sweden to more time, then be sent to the US and do MORE time.. as all those countries have valid reasons to front him in court for criminal charges..

he really is a dirtbag and a coward, and not real smart..

One Tom too Many (profile) says:

Pure and Simple Anti-Yanqui Trueco

This merely Correa acting like the ALBA fool that he is in order to hook up his ALBA homeboy HuGorilla Chavestia from Vene-son-malos. That is it! You watch, Correa will give up the Belarussian Blogger in an Ecuadorian palpitaci?n del coraz?n!

And the moment that Assange Asylum turns his QWiki-Leaks Humanitarian Jesus Lens focus on Ecuador’s issues is the moment he finds out just how THIN-SKINNED RAFA-(d)el (estupido) Correa truly is. Every one of those banana-republic dictators, just like (HU)EVO (Sin) Morales, can’t handle the truth being spread about them UNLESS, they can spite the USA some how. HOWEVER, they will change their opinion of CULOssange probably more sooner than later and ASSange will end up getting the Bota de cuero to his culo as they decide he is no longer the cool thing to have in there countries to piss off the USA because he is pissing on them too via QWiki-tweaks.

Oh yeah, don’t get me wrong, we’ve (USA) done them (LATAM Countries) no favors either so it is kinda expected from them. Anyway, enjoy the CULOssange Telenovela as it plays its course…En vivo!!!!

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