Next TPP Negotiation Session Has Only 3 Hours Allotted For Negotiators To Talk To Public Interest Advocates

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The USTR’s handling of public interest access to TPP negotiators has bounced around over the last few negotiating sessions, with many suggesting that last months’ meetings in San Diego were actually handled somewhat decently. However, with the upcoming negotiating round in Virginia, apparently there’s no more time to be talking to anyone representing the public interest. The oddly named “Direct Stakeholder Engagement” period is from 11am to 2pm on Sunday, September 9th and that’s it. So not only have they reduced the length from previous sessions, but they put it at the same time as lunch. So if these groups actually want to talk to negotiators, they might want to serve some food… Either way, it really feels like the whole “stakeholders” sessions are just the USTR’s way of saying “see? we’re letting people in!” But, of course, that’s completely different from real transparency.

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Comments on “Next TPP Negotiation Session Has Only 3 Hours Allotted For Negotiators To Talk To Public Interest Advocates”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Ratification Is Required

TPP? Is that thing still going? After what happened with ACTA, why does anybody believe that TPP will ever be ratified by the US Senate? It does have to be so ratified, because it has IP-law elements, which are very clearly the business of Congress. If POTUS just signs the thing, Congress can simply say, “Well, it is not ratified, therefore it is not in force. Stop wasting your time.”

Congress will rightly insist on full disclosure of the text and full public discussion before even considering ratification. The public discussion will then be so acrimonious that there is no chance that the Senate will ratify.

Mason Wheeler (profile) says:

Re: Ratification Is Required

Yeah, Senate ratification is required because of the IP element. But then again, it was required for ACTA too, and that didn’t stop President Obama from illegally signing it on a flimsy pretense and trying to pretend that he wouldn’t need to send it to the Senate afterall. You think he’s going to play it any different for TPP?

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Ratification Is Required

It is mostly information, but ACTA is not even close to dead. It is in a coma after what happened in EU, but in reality it is not even close to dead. Next year will see an opening of ACTA for new signatories and I expect some to enter the poker-game. EU will have a new vote on ACTA later and that will be the one able to determine ACTA in EU. If ACTA craters in EU after the second vote, expect USA to try and get the ball rolling on its own.
That is the “great” thing about it: As soon as you have signed, the thread of ratification will forever hang in the air…

Justin Olbrantz (Quantam) (profile) says:

Not the First Time

This isn’t the first time they’ve had the meeting with public interest people during lunch, and the outcome will probably be exactly the same: all the negotiators sit together to eat so nobody from the public can talk to anybody with power. I couldn’t hazard a guess whether this is a case of malice or incompetence; in TPP et al there’s more than enough of both to go around.

TFP (profile) says:

I wouldn’t worry too much Mike, the rest of the world is finally growing tired of Hollywoods… I mean the US governments demands on copyright enforments. The French Hadopi is dying, the Canadians are introducing fair rights, our own UK Digital Economy Act hasn’t even started yet and there are talks about defanging it, and it seems your own ISPs are questioning the six strikes plan.

Hollywood is a dying beast, animals are always at their most dangerous when mortally wounded, music, art and storytelling are finally returning to the hands of people who will find it pays, just not the obscene amounts they expect for it now.

Time to start sharing the wealth, 2/3rds of the planet are still going hungry people!

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re:

@ #8

shame that things are moving so slowly. the courts have now forced Virgin to block Newzbin2 now. no one seems to be interested in getting politicians to do the job they were elected to do, ie, looking after everybody. all governments and courts are interested in is looking after the companies that pays them the biggest bribes!

Baldaur Regis (profile) says:

Re: Re:

But, but Masnick is a wholly owned creature of Google! You said so yourself! Are you implying he cannot REMAIN bought? What do think he is, some fucking politician?

Oh wait, I did what all you trolls do and just read the first two sentences. I didn’t realize you were working off the “freetard” script.


John Fenderson (profile) says:

The most important stakeholders

The general public are the most important stakeholders when it comes to legislation that limits general freedom. Not IP holders, not media companies, not tech companies.

The most important stakeholders are getting three hours of nothing.

That says all that needs to be said about the TPP. It must be strenuously opposed on those grounds alone.

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