DailyDirt: Simulations For Living On Mars

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Manned missions to Mars aren’t going to happen for decades (if ever?), but in the mean time, we have awesome robots roaming the surface of Mars for us. We also have some simulations of living on Mars — like the Mars500 project — and the unforgettable original Total Recall movie. Here are just a few more Martian simulations if you need some help escaping from the realities of Earth.

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Comments on “DailyDirt: Simulations For Living On Mars”

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PolyPusher (profile) says:

Re: Isolated living != Mars

I had similar issues with the Mars500 project. One of the goals was to test the psychological effects of such a trip. However, I can’t imagine how you actually test the psychological effects until the people involved believe there is no turning back. All the people involved know if something goes very wrong that they will be able to step out of the experiment and back into the real world. There’s no doing that on a real trip to Mars and I’d imagine the psychological conditions under that stress to be very different.

Niall (profile) says:

Re: Re: Isolated living != Mars

It’s a simulation of elements, to allow testing as much as is humanly possible. Obviously, it’s not like doing the real thing. Science very often cannot exactly copy reality – that’s why simulations are so important.

Next, you’ll be saying that any pilot doing any simulator time hasn’t trained properly…

With the psychological element, it’s useful because you can learn what sorts of people cope well, and which don’t, so you can reduce the risks of someone becoming unhinged millions of miles from home. Cutting out the major risk factors is still useful. We already know a lot from study of submariners, for instance, who have pretty limited environmental or home-going choices – same with polar explorers.

I’m sure they could do other tests like up a mountain, or in an orbiting environment with reduced gravity, eventually.

Anonymous Coward says:

Babylon 5

The Babylon 5 series also had several episodes that took place on a human inhabited Mars. They had domes over the cities and sort of like a train system (also all enclosed) for travel between cities, as I recall. It would be tough to get the materials there but that could resolve the problems with the atmosphere density.

I’ve also discussed with friends ways that Mars could be made more habitable. The best idea we had was to grab an asteroid from the belt and slam it into Mars. That would generate heat to evaporate some of that frozen water there, thus making the atmosphere more dense.

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