DailyDirt: Kids Don't Just Eat Anything You Give Them…

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Kids are notoriously picky eaters when it comes to anything that isn’t a dessert. Parents aren’t helped when their kids are bombarded by ads on TV for all kinds of junk food. But here are a few food efforts that might divert kids’ attentions back to healthier foods.

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Comments on “DailyDirt: Kids Don't Just Eat Anything You Give Them…”

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Anonymous Coward says:

I don’t understand this healthy food stuff.

I know for a fact that anything you can eat if you eat it enough can be harmful or deadly.

Sodium Chloride (NaClO3) kills,

Dihydrogen monoxide(H2O) kills.

There are no healthy foods if you eat a lot.

Eat enough carrots(or vegetables) and you get an orange tan(Carotenosis

I believe is not what you eat by how much and when you eat that is the real problem.

In Africa people eat a lot less, they even die of mal nutrition but they don’t die of cancer, diabetes or any other disease associated with people over fed, plus they get good teeth for life that is until they start eating a lot of sugar that comes not only from sugar-cane but also from fruits, eat a lot of fruits(acid ones) and your fingers will start to peel off, little bits and pieces of skin will start getting lose on your fingers causing infections and becoming painful.

I was reading about a study showing rats that eat in 8 hours intervals and rats that eat whenever they wanted to, the 8 hours one had less fat in their liver than the other ones.

That made me think about of how important is to eat little and in regular intervals so your body don’t gets confused and only do the digestion process not all the time but only once in awhile.

Diabetes type II is acquired and people who eat less are able to revert that which seems to suggest that the human metabolism can be changed by changing your feeding habits alone which would prevent a lot of problems and save a lot of money.

I was thinking about how we evolved, we are not build to have plenty. We evolved in an environment where we had nothing most days and had to go own with very little, that is what our metabolism expects, eat a little metabolize that use whatever it could scrap and if it was more than necessary store it as a little fat.

Healthy food for me is food without chemicals or food born diseases, healthy food intake is the right amount for you to have the energy to go by your day, that means trying to measure you metabolic rate and consuming accordingly and simulating how our ancestors lived and eating not all the time but at specific times, so your body start burning the fat instead of producing it and storing it all the time.

Androgynous Cowherd says:

Rather ironic, coming from the blog that just pointed out how kids are going to turn up their noses at transparent propaganda from copyright maximalists. “Eat stuff that tastes bitter”? Really? Now there’s a recipe for getting laughed into next week!

Not to mention that study after study has shown that vile-tasting diets don’t work (and likewise diets that have you feeling hungry all the damn time). Long term weight loss and keeping it off depends on a diet someone will stick with over the long haul, which means it must taste good and be filling. Constructing a diet that tastes good, is filling, and still has relatively few calories is tricky, but not impossible. But diet advisors so often just take the lazy way out instead of doing that hard work, and advise a horrible-tasting and/or non-filling diet that may produce short term results but will backfire after a while on anyone who is dumb enough to try it.

Gene Cavanaugh (profile) says:

Influencing what kids eat

I was raised in a family with relatively unhealthy habits and diets. However, being a really scrawny, sickly kid, I bought into the “Popeye-spinach” idea BIG TIME!
Even after I became the 196 (30 inch waist) guy you didn’t want to mess with, fruits, vegetables, and especially spinach, were all things I went for in a big way.

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