DailyDirt: Styli Are Getting Better

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Microsoft’s new tablet computer was announced with a bit of fanfare — and curiously, a stylus. When Apple introduced its touchscreens (not counting the Newton), Steve Jobs dismissively tossed away the idea of using a stylus and said the finger is the best pointing device around. Well, stylus technology is getting better all the time, and here are just a few examples of some styluses/styli that might beat the finger.

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Comments on “DailyDirt: Styli Are Getting Better”

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filthpig (profile) says:

Who wants a stylus? I do, or at least I wouldn’t mind having the option to take one out when I needed. The only thing I miss about my old Treo is the stylus. Fat, greasy fingers are the best pointing device around? Hardly, the stylus gives you pin point accuracy that is quite handy for certain things, one in particular being trying to navigate miniature menus and click on tiny links while web browsing.

DinDaddy (profile) says:

The cosmonaut is pretty decent. I bought my son one for artistic use in his ipad and he was pleased with it. I then bought a Maglus (new product from a startup in Europe, also was a kickstarter project at one time I believe), and he and I both prefer that. It is a bit smoother and smaller, and the tip is firm enough that I am not concerned it will wear away and rip of like so many of them do, while still being chunky enough (it’s pretty much a machined piece of aluminum), and has built in magnets to secure it to an ipad.

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