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For some people, NASA’s Space Shuttle program was almost a complete boondoggle. The shuttles never fully lived up to their original promises, and they were far more expensive than planned. But the design of a reusable space plane captures the imagination in a way that an acorn-shaped capsule doesn’t. Here are just a few stories about the Space Shuttle that you might have missed.

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Comments on “DailyDirt: Space Shuttle Stories”

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LDoBe (profile) says:

cockroaches and worms will outlive us all

There’s actually an ongoing ethical debate about terraforming.

Basically, since we really don’t whether there is life of some kind on Mars, we may have an ethical obligation to prevent any kind of biological contamination to the planet, since it might destroy native microbes. And while there has been no evidence of extant life found on Mars, it’s foolish to assume there isn’t any, since we haven’t looked at even 1% of the planet. And even if it does turn out there’s no life on Mars at all now, there might have been in the past, and there might be inestimably valuable remains left on the planet that could be damaged irreparably by earth biology.

The long and the short of it is: We don’t know what might happen if we contaminate Mars, so our best option is to not do anything biologically to the planet until we have a much more complete picture of the planet.

Besides, we’ve f**ked up the planet we live on pretty badly. Why would we do any better with Mars?

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