French Film Exec Insists That Anti-Piracy Efforts Made Sure No French Films Were Downloaded For 7 Months

from the this-is-called-denial dept

We’ve certainly seen the entertainment industry continually try to pretend that Hadopi’s clear failure is a success story. However, sometimes it seems to go from just massaging the numbers into outright denial. That seems to be the case with Nicolas Seydoux, who is both the president of a French film company and the head of the local anti-piracy organization, ALPA.

In a recent statement, Seydoux insisted that the “methods developed by ALPA” (going beyond just Hadopi) made sure that not a single French film was downloaded between May 15th and December 15th in 2011:

“Between 15 May and 15 December 2011, no French film has been downloaded from the Internet,”

Oddly, he doesn’t even seem to distinguish authorized online movie services from unauthorized. He just insists that no films have been downloaded. At first, I thought that perhaps he really meant that no new French films had been leaked online, but that’s not what he says. He literally claims that zero French films were downloaded during those seven months. I guess he’s declaring victory for his anti-piracy organization, but it’s impressive how the pure bubble he’s living in does not even come close to reflecting reality.

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Comments on “French Film Exec Insists That Anti-Piracy Efforts Made Sure No French Films Were Downloaded For 7 Months”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re:

A quick glance at a torrent search engine showed that just one torrent for The Artist (France, 2011, Michel Hazanavicius) right now has 1344 seeds and 27 peers across 16 trackers – not counting DHT, Local Peer Discovery and Local Peer Exchange.

So yeah… he is just in denial.

:Lobo Santo (profile) says:

je ne sais quoi

Does porn count? Because I’m pretty sure I nabbed at least one French-language porn inside that time frame.

Maybe he means “no new French movies were made, thus they were also not downloaded” which would make his statement true, we’ll have to check. Again though, if you include French video porn movies it’s without doubt provably false.

Maybe he means “No new French movies were made (excluding porn) and we could not detect any French resident downloading them, therefore we’re an big super awesome success at stopping piracy.” I’d believe that, given the new-found popularity of various encrypted proxy services in France…

Mr. Smarta** (profile) says:

It's true

It’s true!!! In fact, not one movie, music, game, or application file has EVER been downloaded… by the galaxy of Andromeda. That’s 100%!!! Proof that anti-piracy initiatives and laws like Protect-IP and ACTA work. They were implemented in other galaxies, so that’s undeniable evidence that we need laws to remove rights from all citizens all over the world. That’s AMAZING!!! If it works in other galaxies and on other planets, then surely it will work here.

Lets here it for not over-exaggerating!! HOORAY!!!

Rikuo (profile) says:

Just to confirm, I can read French and yes, the quote does literally mean not a single French movie was downloaded in that time.

So, if that quote is indeed accurate, then its not a case of innaccurate translation or anything. He has said that 0 French movies were downloaded in that time frame.

Jaques Le Coque says:

I’ve seen two French movies in my life of several decades and they both sucked almost as bad as their american remakes.

I despise hollydead movies, too – I don’t need to see endless nauseating hours of the same old “car chases and blowing shit up and loud boom” movies.

P.S. – I’m a huge rock and blues music fan and can state beyond a shadow of a doubt that virtually bugger-all French so-called rock and/or blues music has ever been worth jack shit.

Hey Hollande: I’m glad that that fucking dangerous nutcase fascist and gwbush-areshole-licking warmonger Sarcophagus got his ass kicked and is gone for good, but please don’t drop the ball he was holding on keeping French “culture” from so-called “pirates”. Keep up the good French anti-piracy work. The world need less of that garbage as badly as it needs to get over hollydead.

Rikuo (profile) says:

Re: Re:

I’ve seen a few French movies (my best mate is French), can’t quite recall their titles, but they were all excellent, far beyond anything Hollywood has made in the last twenty years.
One French film I do recommend seeing is Brotherhood of the Wolf. Superb casting, superb acting.
So please, don’t diss the entirety of French cinema because of two movies.

PaulT (profile) says:

Re: Re: Re:

France has a lot of great films, of pretty much every genre.

For example: the first 2 Taxi films (ignore the atrocious US remake), both District 13 films, anything directed by Jean-Pierre Jeunet (especially Amelie and City Of Lost Children), La Femme Nikita, La Haine, both Mesrine films, The Nest, The Professional (was a French film despite being shot in English and set in the US), The Big Blue, Betty Blue, Jean De Florette, Manon Des Sources … the list goes on.

If you like extreme cinema, the work of Gaspar Noe (I Stand Alone, Irreversible, Enter The Void) is well worth looking at, as well as the recent run of extreme horror movies often featuring crap that no American film could ever get away with (Frontiere(s), Martyrs, Inside, High Tension, Them/Ils, The Horde, Sheitan).

That’s just the stuff that’s had releases outside of France, I’m sure there’s plenty of other great films that never made an impact outside of France. Yeah, anybody who rejects any country outright for its cinematic contribution is a fool, but especially one who rejects a country with as rich and varied a cinematic landscape as France…

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: We May Have Proof of Something Else Here

I know your comment is meant in jest, but much of this thread feels odd to me. I don’t see jokes about the Dutch during BREIN discussions, or jokes about the Swedes when we talk about crackdowns on TPB. Did anyone here laugh at the Canadians in general when that idiot stood up in Parliament and talked about shoes and socks? My memory isn’t perfect, but if someone in that thread said the average IQ of Canada was lowered due to some tragedy in their past, it’s not coming to mind right now.

Disclaimer: Not French, nor do I have any French friends that I know of.

Niall (profile) says:

Re: Re: We May Have Proof of Something Else Here

The Americans have never forgiven the French for helping them win the War of Independence, or distracting the British subsequently. They are also aware that it took them 3 years in WW1 and 2 years in WW2 to bother to come to France’s aid in return.

Consequently guilt drives a lot of nastiness. 🙂

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: Re: We May Have Proof of Something Else Here

The Americans have never forgiven the French for helping them win the War of Independence, or distracting the British subsequently. They are also aware that it took them 3 years in WW1 and 2 years in WW2 to bother to come to France’s aid in return.

Consequently guilt drives a lot of nastiness. 🙂

That’s a laugh. The American’s are the only reason you’re not typing this shit in German and your capitol isn’t in Vichey. And I’m reminded that I recently saw an ad for surplus French WWII army rifles. It said “never fired, only dropped once”.

RadialSkid (profile) says:

Re: Re: Re:2 We May Have Proof of Something Else Here

Despite the fact that is was actually the Soviets, not the Americans, who finally invaded Berlin and drove Hitler to suicide?

American involvement was instrumental to WWII victory…only the most anti-American history revisionist would say otherwise. But Americans didn’t single-handedly win it, either.

John Fenderson (profile) says:

Re: We May Have Proof of Something Else Here

I’ve heard it said that the casualties of Napoleon’s campaigns and World War I markedly reduced the average IQ in France.

And you’ve heard wrong. (Was this intended as a joke?)

Firstly, because the “average IQ” is, by definition, always 100 and can’t be reduced.

Secondly, because intelligence doesn’t work that way. If you killed outright all the very intelligent people on the planet, it will not have an appreciable effect on the intelligence of the coming generations.

Patello says:

What if...

You know how various industry people use the word “stolen” when what they actually are talking about is “downloaded illegally”.
What if Nicolas Seydoux confused the words the other way around. Maybe he meant to say that no films had been stolen. That would be kind of believable if the French police had upped their efforts in stopping shoplifting in video stores.
That or he is totally bonkers.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Sneakernet?

Copying a file from disk to usb media is not uploading, and copying the file from usb media to disk is not downloading.

But let the executive have his victory parade.
I’ll just set up an ordering system where someone requests a file, and the file is shipped in encrypted form over postal mail.

Postal mail is more protected against interception than the internet.

Conscientiouspirate (profile) says:

We decide what's included in our numbers

My French is limited to ordering food that isn’t snails and a beer, but from the English translation it seems that he may be talking in the context of the Hadopi warnings sent in that time period instead of the actual number of downloads. Presumably those warnings only get sent to those who are subject to the law (i.e. people living in France).

If that’s the case, at least I can’t prove him wrong by pointing to a copy of Amelie timestamped september 2011 on my friend’s hard drive (who have subsequently harpooned his hard drive, disconnected his internet tubes and moved to a snow cave in Nepal, no need to pursue him).

But it’s hard to believe that not a single Frenchman downloaded a single French movie during those months, at least since there were 110 million “incidents”, 8 million reports and 800k warnings sent out concerning illegal downloading of foreign movies.

There is only one statistically sane way to explain why the Hadopi numbers show 800k warnings for downloading foreign movies and 0 warnings for downloading French movies: they don’t want French movies in their numbers. That way they can say the numbers show excellent progress and pretend the law is working just fine (at least for the French).

Dannie blaze (profile) says:

Even if we take this completely bonkers claim as truth, I find it amusing he seems to be announcing it like a victory.

‘No French films have been downloaded! There has been no positive word-of-mouth about upcoming French films. No one has discovered a French film for the first time via the internet. No one has watched an otherwise out-of-print French movie through the power of the internet, therefore exposing our cultural heritage to a generation who would not be otherwise able to enjoy it! VICTORY! …wait.’

slarabee (profile) says:

Confused By This

So I need to understand the parameters of his claim. Is he stating that no one downloaded a French film in France? Or is it Europe or the world?

I am a French Film fan and I am not saying that I have ever downloaded a pirated film from torrents or any other infringing method but I am saying that if his claim is that no one downloaded French films illegally during that time frame anywhere in the world I know to a certainty that he is wrong and suspect he is full of crap to boot.

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