Chile Threatens To Drop Out Of TPP Negotiations Due To Ridiculous US Demands About IP

from the backlash dept

You may remember that some officials in Chile recently began wondering what benefit they would get from agreeing to be a part of TPP. It seems that view is going even further. There was just another negotiating round and it appears (as we’ve expected, but don’t know for sure because the US negotiators, led by Ron Kirk refuse to be even remotely transparent) that the US’s strong position on IP is scaring off Chile. A high level government official is now saying that the country is considering pulling out of the TPP negotiations unless the US “significantly moderates its intellectual property demands.” The article suggests that Chile is willing to move forward with much of the rest of the agreement, but the ridiculous USTR position on IP is giving it reason to be concerned.

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Comments on “Chile Threatens To Drop Out Of TPP Negotiations Due To Ridiculous US Demands About IP”

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Anonymous Coward says:

a lot more countries need to listen to Chile and have the balls to drop out as well. why would any country want to continuously do whatever to make things better in/for the USA whilst doing nothing positive or worsening things in your own country? if people are so stupid, they shouldn’t be in the position of negotiating in the first place!

Anonymous Coward says:


Economic leverage, the US once had the monopoly on the biggest market on the planet, well there are other markets now, emergent markets that seem a lot more friendly than the US. All countries should do business by proxy with the US, not directly and remove themselves from being targets to economic sanctions.

The US could do a lot more harm to others if they didn’t do what they asked but now there are some options.

TtfnJohn (profile) says:


Old Jackson Five songs sung at the top of the singers range so there’s nothing left when she needs power in her voice just isn’t doing it for me either.

And somehow China and Canada are painted in as if either is at the table but neither is although for different reasons. I’m not sure about the EU and Russia either.

For now I think the EU has their hands full with ACTA and deciding whether or not to flush that down the toilet on one hand and whether or not they’ll need to foreclose on and repossess Greece.

As someone else has mentioned there are now bigger consumer and industrial markets than the United States so the clout the American government used to have just isn’t there now.

Chile has been saying this for a while now. The demands for IP extremism coming from the United States are just too high. Perhaps even more telling is the remark that if they could get back to just the trade issues TPP would have been signed, sealed and delivered a long time ago. Again, the stumbling bloc is the American insistence on draconian IP laws and provisions.

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