Pakistani Court Says Internet Censorship Plan Is Unconstitutional

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We recently wrote about Pakistan’s attempts to build its own internet censorship regime, capable of blocking 50 million sites that the government doesn’t like. However, a petition by civil rights groups has apparently resulted in a court ruling saying that such censorship is unconstitutional under the Pakistani constitution. Of course, from the writeup linked above (from Reporters Without Borders), it appears that there is at least some skepticism that the Pakistani government will obey its own court:

The high court’s ruling, if respected, would make it impossible for the government to introduce any nationwide website filtering system.

While welcoming the ruling, which penalizes the lack of transparency in the PTA’s past website blocking, Reporters Without Borders calls for vigilance because the PTA could try to circumvent it by devising a constitutional procedure based on the anti-blasphemy law and national security provisions.

Still, it’s good to see courts around the globe pushing back on this desire to censor the internet.

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Comments on “Pakistani Court Says Internet Censorship Plan Is Unconstitutional”

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Anonymous Coward says:

it goes to show how the definitions and implementations of so-called democracy have changed so, so quickly and where. the UK was a staunch democratic country that respected people, respected what was ‘right’. now, it’s turned into the same sort of place as the USA where nothing and no one matters except what the government and big businesses want.

Anonymous Coward says:


“Pakistani women have acid thrown in their face by their husbands and brothers.
Pakistan is brewing to be the next Afghanistan.
But yeah, lets give their courts a cheer over internet policies.”

pakistan’s judiciary is westernized and you can bet that the courts are more liberal than the population.

However, the constitution explicitly mandates legal discrimination against the Ahmadiyya sect, a provision the Supreme Court had no choice but to apply in a case challenging the constitutionality of the antiahmadiyya ordinance.

And apostasy from Islam is a capital offense, this is true, and apostates are frequently murdered without the perpetrators being punished.

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