DailyDirt: Making Sweet Music

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Plenty of people complain about how pop music sounds formulaic and that several boy bands seem to be manufactured with minimal variations between them. Someday soon, though, computer algorithms might create more pop music than humans can even attempt to compose. Here are just a few steps towards a world filled with machine-made music.

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Comments on “DailyDirt: Making Sweet Music”

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Chancius (user link) says:

I read about some of these before...

…and I can tell you that the first thing I’d do is record music with as many mistakes and leave in as many natural outtakes as possible. Of course, this is already happening for the most part in main stream music today which is a big reason why the music industry is flailing. It’s the same reason Nirvana hit so big when they came out and why The Beatles were so good. Even though Nevermind was over produced, their unplugged album left all the scratchy, humanity in and The Beatles producer and engineer left a lot of mistakes in their recordings.

In fact, I once heard an all covers album of Beatles tunes that was auto tuned and sounded terrible! To be IN harmony with something you have to be different while TRYING to be the same, not the same being the same! All the vocals were auto-tuned and trying to sing with each other which produced a chalk on blackboard type experience!

Free album download at http://www.facebook.com/chancius

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