Step2 Startups Feedback Wanted: What Do You Want To See In An Online Investment Community?

from the join-in dept

As we announced recently, we’re now featuring and highlighting startups who want feedback on what they’re working on over at our Step2 discussion platform. The latest startup to take part is Sprinklebit, an online investment/trading community that is looking for feedback on what you would like to see in an online investment community. There’s already a good conversation going on at the discussion page.

Separately, we’ve already received a bunch of requests to take part in future Step2 Startup posts, but if you’ve got a startup and want to get feedback from the Techdirt/Insight Community, please send us a note (use the “Step2 Startups” option in the pulldown).

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Comments on “Step2 Startups Feedback Wanted: What Do You Want To See In An Online Investment Community?”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: Re:

Mike is trying hard to make this into a success, but he misses the point: Few people want to take advice from someone who isn’t actually out there doing it.

Step2 was suppose to be all about music. The musicians came, they saw, the laughed heartily, and left. Now Mike is trying to recast it as a “business model” incubator, but again, Mike’s only real success in life has been the accidental success of this blog. Otherwise, he hasn’t put forward a functional business model yet that I can see.

Perhaps he would like to correct me on this (he seems determined to correct me all the time). So, Mike, tell us about your successful non-Techdirt businesses.

surfer (profile) says:


this is probably obvious, but i’m a ‘filthy pirate’.

here is an example of why;

I am a Formula1 fan, and I live in a country that doesn’t even televise, retransmit, PPV offering, direct from SKY (Murdoch owned) or BBC, unless I live in a country that has paid for the rights to reproduce/broadcast/stream,.. u know, at this point I really don’t care. I want to watch the race. I will PAY to watch the fscking race, ok!, so, where is it?

1. google
2. ???
3. fail

the only place to get a pristine 720p video file of the race, the day AFTER* the race was #usenet. There was also P1, P2, P3 and qualifying, all of I did not even realize was available. There are no such things on

I am your perfect client.
1. A ‘Steam-like’ interface for accessibility and one point payment, Steam being the distribution point, authentication, bla..
2. Every movie ever made, digitized and included in the library of selections. One, to preserve your precious Imaginary Property and to actually retain physical copies of all content created.
3. ala carte. I want what I want, not what you offer. I am not interested in 500 channels of sh*t to choose from. Granularize your crappy business model offerings.
4. if you treat me no less than a paying customer, all bets are off.

now, do you want my money?

Anonymous Coward says:

why dont you show your support for this “investment community” you know, by actually investing money ?

if you feel it is such a good idea, and that your advice/feedback is of such value.. put some money where you mouth is!!!

Talk is cheap, (the Masnick mantra)..

Mike are you going to instruct them on how to run an efficient and effective web site ? (just like TD is not), using TD as a classic example of a “crappy” web site..

It would help you a great deal if you were capable of displaying to prospective startups “how to do it properly”.

And how to accept feedback and criticism’s, but no you just churn out the same old thing day after day, year after year.

Do you even remember what a ‘startup’ is anymore Mike ?

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