No Honor Among Thieves: Woman Scams Nigerian Scammers Out Of $33k

from the trust-issues dept

With so much focus on Nigerian-based scams, many Nigerian scammers now seek to use middlemen to help with things like bank accounts to keep suspicion levels lower. There are plenty of stories of people in the US, Europe and elsewhere who take “jobs” that involve having a local bank account through which scam money flows to Nigeria — where they’re allowed to keep a percentage of the cash. Often, they are not otherwise involved or knowledgeable about the scam.

That appears to be the case with one woman in Australia, who has now gotten in trouble… because she scammed the scammers out of $33k while managing the pass through bank account (found via Slashdot). She apparently had no idea of the scam that was going on (involving bogus online used car sales), but decided to keep some extra amounts of money. Of course, when some of those scammed in the car deal sought to track down the scammers… the focus shifted to her, where her own thievery from the thieves was discovered.

The story notes that the woman has now pled guilty to “aggravated fraud,” though it’s unclear if the fraud was for the original fraud from her “bosses” in the Nigerian scam ring… or for scamming the scammers themselves. Somehow I doubt they would press charges.

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Comments on “No Honor Among Thieves: Woman Scams Nigerian Scammers Out Of $33k”

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Anonymous Coward says:



Do you know how many “flags” it takes for the readers of this site to actually censor a comment themselves?

The “reported” comment above was the first response to Masnick’s post; there weren’t enough members “of the community” online to get that post “reported” in the time it took to be censored.

Masnick got his diaper in a twist about its incredibly accurate satire and censored it himself.

Because he’s a gigantic, slimy, hypocritical douchebag.

Trails (profile) says:


I agree, the Masnickian Constitution, drafted by his forefathers in the 1800s clearly states in the first amendment:

Masnick shall make no comment rating respecting an establishment of obvious trolling, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of morons to make strawmen, or of the shills to posit false dichotomies; or the right of the people peaceably to conflate a website with the government, and to petition the Masnick for a redress of grievances.

Trails (profile) says:


Yeah, talentless bottom feeder is right!

“A tour de force for filmmaker Nina Paley, Sita Sings the Blues gives the Ramayana its animated due with a visually vibrant, dazzlingly imaginative triumph.”

That’s just movie critic talk for bottom feeder. Plus, she clearly just pirated Hinduism for her movie, probably downloaded Hinduism from the pirate bay or something.

Also, her work being declared 24th best animated movie ever, so what? I mean 24th! 24th doesn’t win you the world series, does it bro? Amirite?

That Anonymous Coward (profile) says:


No Mr. Owl how many licks does it take to get past the lollipop up your ass?

So how many people have to report it before it goes buhbye?

It was the first post, and it was uncensored for quite a while, I know I’ve been on and off the site all morning. While there are not people posting on every article, the site does have many people reading it, but unlike you if they don’t have anything to add they don’t hit reply and just vomit up the rambling thoughts from the voices in their heads.

You seem to be hung up on diapers, maybe if you focused some of your energies on being a big boy you could learn to not need your own diaper any more.

But then I’ve given you what you wanted, you feel all empowered because we bothered with you. That sad excuse for a reproductive organ is all engorged and your excited. As most people you ever will attempt to be naked infront of will ask you… Does that come in the adult size?

Does it bother you that your entire life revolves around spouting off on things not related to actual issues but instead you can only feel good about yourself if your putting someone else down? Honestly, how crappy your life must be that this is the source of all of your joy…

And mean old me, telling you everything you already know… because your a short story and we’ve wasted to much time on you already.

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