Andy Samberg, Neil Gaiman, Trent Reznor, Aziz Ansari, Adam Savage & More Tell Congress: Don't Pass PIPA Or SOPA In Our Names

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A group of some pretty damn famous people within the entertainment industry just made it clear that the folks pushing PIPA and SOPA do not represent their best interests. To hear the MPAA and the US Chamber of Commerce tell the story, they’re pushing these bills in order to “protect artists.” But more and more we’re seeing the very artists they claim they’re protecting say they want no part of these laws. The guys from The Lonely Island (Andy Samberg, Jorma Taccone and Akiva Schaffer), famous both for their YouTube videos and their work on NBC’s Saturday Night Live, along with a number of other notable names in the entertainment industry — including Neil Gaiman, Amanda Palmer, Trent Reznor, Aziz Ansari, Adam Savage, Damian Kulash (and the rest of OK GO), the band MGMT, and a bunch more — have written a letter saying that, as internet users, they don’t think these bills are a good idea:

We fear that the broad new enforcement powers provided under SOPA and PIPA could be easily abused against legitimate services like those upon which we depend. These bills would allow entire websites to be blocked without due process, causing collateral damage to the legitimate users of the same services – artists and creators like us who would be censored as a result.

We are deeply concerned that PIPA and SOPA’s impact on piracy will be negligible compared to the potential damage that would be caused to legitimate Internet services. Online piracy is harmful and it needs to be addressed, but not at the expense of censoring creativity, stifling innovation or preventing the creation of new, lawful digital distribution methods.

We urge Congress to exercise extreme caution and ensure that the free and open Internet, upon which so many artists rely to promote and distribute their work, does not become collateral damage in the process.

When even the very people that the entertainment industry insists its “protecting” with these bills are being quite vocal against them, you have to wonder why they’re being pushed so hard? Once again, it seems that these bills aren’t about protecting artists at all. They’re about protecting the gatekeepers, who want to control those artists…

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Comments on “Andy Samberg, Neil Gaiman, Trent Reznor, Aziz Ansari, Adam Savage & More Tell Congress: Don't Pass PIPA Or SOPA In Our Names”

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gorehound (profile) says:

Re: Those who can, innovate. Those who can't, legislate.
Chellie Pingree in Maine is against Censorship.She will fight for our Constitution.
This whole issue is a lot more than just the asshole studios.It is about Big Money & Lobbying and the Government getting to control what it never was meant to.
These Bills pass then I hope we see an “Internet Revolt”.

I am an artist who shares my music freely thru various means including public trackers.
Fuck You Big Content !! You can never control artists like em anyways cause we have always hated you and your ripoff ways.

Jed says:

Re: Re:

Unfortunately, at this point, I group the 2 together. Those who officially put things up to be voted on and do the voting are little more than middle men for those who really are pushing for these things (like the MAFIAA in this case).

Funny, they went from middle men for people to middle men for corporations (who some idiots fight should be treated like people!).

jenn says:

Re: Response to: Loki on Jan 18th, 2012 @ 9:38am

I’m sorry, this isn’t about loving pirates, it’s about a potential abuse of these acts. They will violate your 1st amendment rights if you blog that you didn’t like something the government did. It takes away free speech. It’s bad enough NDAA was snuck right under our noses at the end of the year.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re:

internet 2 MAFIAA 0

Better check your scorecard again.

?Supreme Court upholds copyright law? by Mark Sherman, AP, Jan 18, 2012:

?.?.?.?. The justices said in a 6-2 decision Wednesday that Congress acted within its power to give protection to works that had been in the public domain.?.?.?.

The public domain just took another hit.

SlinkySlim (profile) says:

Re: Re: Re:

The above AP link is a pooper.
Here’s one:

And now my understanding of just what copyright is for has taken another hit.

I’m really starting to really not give two hoots about your copyrights and that moves down to two shits if you own any copyrights to works created by dead people.

DannyB (profile) says:

Herein lies the problem

> We urge Congress to exercise extreme caution and ensure
> that the free and open Internet, upon which so many
> artists rely to promote and distribute their work,
> does not become collateral damage in the process.

Ah, but that’s the very problem.

Destroying the Internet will force those artists to turn back to the dinosaur monopolies in order to distribute their work under Hoolywood Accounting rules.

Congress’ paymasters (the **AA holes) don’t want a free and open internet where artists can distribute their work.

Next up: we must outlaw the dreaded Creative Commons license!

Mike C. (profile) says:

But it's about the artists....

NOT! I like the way Wil Wheaton put it today:

I am 100% opposed to SOPA and PIPA, even though I’m one of the artists they were allegedly written to protect. I’ve probably lost a few hundred dollars in my life to what the MPAA and RIAA define as piracy, and that sucks, but that doesn’t come close to how much money I’ve lost from a certain studio’s creative accounting.
(emphasis mine)

LBishop PhD (profile) says:

oppressive forces at work here

What concerns the proponents of these bills is a perfect example of what will be our downfall. Greed, man, they are filled with greed. They really believe the creative spark that was drawn upon to create whatever it is that they now claim could be taken from or not rightfully credited was only theirs to draw upon.

There is NO ORIGINAL THOUGHT, only the universal source which all draw upon. Ever notice how many hands develop seemingly from the same idea pool at once? Do we really think that was coincidence? None of any of this is yours or mine to begin with.

There is no such thing as piracy-there is NOTHING to pirate. Our decisions based upon greed will ultimately all fail- when there is no one left to buy creative vision, then what? When the greedy are all left with their piles of money and no one to buy and sell then what? The rich get richer and the poor get poorer up until the point when there is no one left with any money to line the rich mans pockets. Will greed end then? Will there be anyone left to cry for that song or performance or great idea that “belonged” to someone!

There will come a day when those who scream for protection now will regret wasting so much of their precious lives here on earth protecting that which was never theirs to protect:guarding against villains which never existed, and squandering time finding any new means to repress a free exchange of information and technology for the sake of perceived financial gain.
When, instead, they could have loved life and their contribution to it.

True prosperity can exist ultimately ONLY in the absence of oppression. Although it may appear that these conditions co-exist, it is only temporary. One must decrease as the other grows and this can be seen in a broader spectrum. If we, as a people, are going to pass any more laws which serve to shut down the natural organic expansion of a free market, we must accept our responsibility as an oppressive force which seeks failure on a grand scale.

Why would anyone co-sign such a death sentence? It takes courage to NOT BE GREEDY in the US today. But if we can face it head on without delusion and see it for what it is, truly, I do not believe any one of us , to a man, would choose failure, oppression, despair and death over prosperity. Everything else is folly.

Anonymous Coward says:

Andy Samberg, Neil Gaiman, Trent Reznor, Aziz Ansari, Adam Savage don’t think these bills are a good idea. Good! So do the rest of the thinking world.
Nice letter, but will be ignored if it doesn’t contain thick wads of dollar bills though. The US congress are all about drafting legislation submitted from the highest bidder after all.

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