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Google To Use Home Page To Protest PIPA Tomorrow

from the join-the-crowd dept

Following the news that Reddit, Wikipedia, and a bunch of other sites will be going dark to protest PIPA (and, to a lesser extent, SOPA) tomorrow, Google has now announced that it will use its home page to express its dislike of the bill. Google has not made clear exactly how it will protest. It won’t “go dark” like those other sites, but it appears that it will post some sort of link, and will highlight ways for people to contact their elected officials in protest over the bill. With both Google and Wikipedia pushing people to call Congress… you might want to assume that Congress is going to get a few phone calls tomorrow.

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Comments on “Google To Use Home Page To Protest PIPA Tomorrow”

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Rich Kulawiec (profile) says:

Re: Re: Go Big Search!

We digress, but Hotmail gets an F for email services only because there is no lower grade available. It is the poster child for incompetence, negligence, and stupidity. Sadly, it has earnest competition from Yahoo’s email operation, which seems determined to match every idiocy of Hotmail’s with one of its own. Not that I’m enamored of Gmail — I give it a gentleman’s C, primarily for its very poor anti-spam architecture — but at least it appears to be run by humans instead of by crack monkeys.

Gwiz (profile) says:

Re: Go Big Search!

…then people will start using alternatives and they’ll know you’re not that different:

Pretty much any intelligent person knows there isn’t much difference.

As for me, I’ll keep on using Google because I like all the good things they have done like supporting open source and the Summer of Code projects. I trust them about 7,000 times more then the owners of Bing.

ComputerAddict (profile) says:

Re: Go Big Search!

The Best Alternative, host your content on completely different sites stopping any possibility of collaboration between sites, seemless interfaces between products (like Gmail attachments to Docs..) and make sure you keep 10 sites up to date with your strongest passwords instead of 1…

I’m sorry, I love integration, and your not going to get search, email, docs, calendar, and a myriad of other services all tied and linked together from a small company. I’m not saying that it has to be Google, or Microsoft, but its not going to be some small startup.

Anonymous Coward says:

Wicked, unbelievably wicked! I hope they make it super obvious so people click the link and learn.

Maybe others can join? Yahoo? Bing (well… maybe until Micro$oft realizes what happened as I don’t trust them with SOPA/PIPA stance, or at all for that matter)?

Let’s hope Congress gets a good ear-full.

But why stop at Congress? Go after the source of the problem, Hollywood themselves. Give the studios and record companies and media “outlets” an ear-full. Give them all lots of dissenting, disappointed, “I won’t support you EVER” phone calls and emails.

Especially call the RIAA and MPAA. May they receive thousands of calls from really pissed off people.

Ninja (profile) says:

…you might want to assume that Congress is going to get a few phone calls tomorrow.

I foresee a telephony congestion and mailboxes over user quota. Communications nightmare I tell you!

I’m hoping that Google directs ppl at both Senate and Congress (for calls and e-mails). I’d love to be there and listen to Lamar saying with a straight face that it’s a minority…

Kenneth Michaels (profile) says:

In a way, I wish Google would stay out of the mix for Blackout Wednesday. Because Google will be protesting, the PIPA/SOPA supporters will cast the telephone calls to legislators as Google-driven, rather than grass-roots or community driven. We know how much the MAFIAA hate Google and think that only Google is behind the protests. For those not connected to the internet (most legislators) that is what they will hear and believe.

ltlw0lf (profile) says:

Re: Re: Re:

Google and others who profit in some way from piracy, *ARE* behind the protests.

I just wanted to take the opportunity to point out that Anonymous Coward and others who profit in some way from the mass murder of pixies, *ARE* behind the rapid overvaluation of pixie dust.

It is the only way he can be so wrong in so many ways — but at least the pixie dust keeps him sufficiently stoned.

Anonymous Coward says:

If the “media industry” had any balls at all, and if they really believed that piracy was as damaging as they say that it is, they could stage their own blackout: no concerts, no TV series, no movies, no streaming, no nothing.

That would be a powerful message. But they completely lack the guts to pull that off.

artp (profile) says:

Re: Media Industry blackout

That already do that. Not in total, but most of the media that has been recorded over the years is locked up and unavailable to the Average Bear [ (C) Yogi Bear ].

So a media blackout would just be more of the same. I wouldn’t even notice. I gave up television over 15 years ago. What have I missed? I am finally catching up on my movies. Gandhi was great. I finally saw what happened to Spock after he died. I can hardly wait to see the rest of Deep Space Nine.

Yeah, a media blackout would be a non-event for me.

Anonymous Coward says:

It takes a monster


Google is big enough and generates enough money to attract attention.

Still, opposition to SOPA and PIPA is up against a leviathon sized opponent. I get the feeling that Google is only half-way playing ball for a reason. “Don’t burn bridges and try to always come out with as much profit for yourself as possible”.

If Google gets a chance to sell out, I think they could possibly take it. I’m just looking at it the way Washington does. Where is the money? If they can get Google to support it with a few revisions, it will be a huge set back. Of course the revisions will more and likely serve Google’s best interst.. Unfortunately, thats how the game is played.

If congress and lobbyists can get Google to come out in support of it, this will tip things in an awful direction. Google can be a huge ally or one king sized opponent. The scale can tip easily either way. Perhaps Google is seizing the political stage at the moment solely for their own self interest? Perhaps I’m mistaken.. Maybe I’m just a glass is half-empty kind of individual.

Violated (profile) says:


This is good news with Google joining this protest.

It is a shame that Twitter is clueless. They won’t disrupt their service for just one of many bills they say. A large change from when they played a large part in this Arab Spring and got censored themselves.

I have also heard smaller sites saying well not many people come there so they won’t make much difference. They are wrong on that one when I for one noticed their choice even if I was not a member.

zipperation says:

i used to vote for demarepubs because it was the easy vote, one that allowed me to vote without conscious or political awareness.

the two party system made it easy to cast a blind vote and still satisfy constitutional needs

but now its all gone. it seems now safer to pick otherwise.

wo is me i will most likely have to actually read up on candidates now…

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