Entertainment Industry Lobbyists Don't Want To Let Canada Into Secret TPP Negotiations Until Canada Passes More Bad Laws

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We’ve discussed, at length, the ridiculousness of the Trans-Pacific Partnership — the international trade agreement that is the “son of ACTA” and seeks to push through (in secret, of course) plenty of the things that were cut out of ACTA. It’s a horrible agreement, which is still being negotiated in secret. Apparently, Canada recently sought to join the conversation of the TPP… but the US legacy entertainment industry lobbyists are trying to deny Canada’s entry into the discussions (even though most other participants welcome Canada), until Canada goes even further to pass draconian copyright laws, as prescribed by Hollywood.

The IIPA, which represents the major movie, music, and software lobby associations, points to copyright reform and new border measures as evidence of the need for Canadian reforms and states “we urge the U.S. government to use Canada’s expression of interest in the TPP negotiations as an opportunity to resolve these longstanding concerns about IPR standards and enforcement.”

In other words, don’t let Canada join, unless it passes these horrible laws we’ve been demanding for years, and which the Canadian public is clearly against. If I were in the Canadian government, it seems like this is a pretty good reason to say “good riddance”… or, hell, maybe even to cut back on ridiculous copyright laws to something more reasonable, just to show that it can be done… and then to watch the industry in Canada thrive.

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Comments on “Entertainment Industry Lobbyists Don't Want To Let Canada Into Secret TPP Negotiations Until Canada Passes More Bad Laws”

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Chris-Mouse (profile) says:

Re: Re:

The last three times the government of Canada tried to “modernize” the copyright laws in Canada, the laws were put on hold until they died. Each time it was because the copyright changes threatened to become an election issue that would hurt the government badly.
The Conservative party (more or less equivalent to the Republicans in the USA) won a majority government in the election held last year, so I’m expecting another crack at cramming through some horrible copyright laws shortly. with a majority government, getting a bill passed is pretty much guaranteed, and with the ability to put off an election until October 2015, they may hope that Canadians will forget about anything they do now before the next election.

TtfnJohn (profile) says:

Re: Re: Re:

I’m not sure the Tories will he all that anxious to do that. A great deal of their base opposed C-11 and while they have a majority in the Senate the Liberals there can hold it up for years if they’re so inclined. (Not that I’d count on that.)

But the Tories bringing in something that the MPAA is “imposing” in us? That would in interesting to see.

Machin Shin (profile) says:

Re: Re:

Really what is sad is the fact that our government here in the US has a lot better things to worry about. I am willing to bet that if someone polled the nation asking what they thought was most important issue government should be looking at right now. Passing stricter copyright laws is not likely to make the list.

Yet for some reason our “representatives” seem to think it is imperative that they ram these bills down our throats. It is time for these people in charge to get their nose out of everyone’s business and get back to actually running this country. You know, like maybe looking at how to get us the hell out of dept. I can tell you right now SOPA ain’t gonna do that.

Logan2057 (profile) says:

Entertainment Industry should be told to get lost

I’m a proud Canadian and I, for one, am sick, sore and tired of Hollywood and their constant interference in politics in both the U.S. and world matters. If our P.M. had any stones he’d tell them to take a good long walk into an active volcano.
I know if I was Prime Minister I’d be doing my damnedest to get those fools out of the political ring altogether. They have NO RIGHT to try and dictate what the rest of the world does and yet they threaten sanctions if you don’t bow and scrape. Well, mayhap it’s time for the rest of the world to sanction them. Every other country should just say “See Ya” and block U.S. imports for a year, then give them the ultimatum that if they didn’t want to play nice with the rest of the planet they’d continue to be locked out of the global playground.

Machin Shin (profile) says:

Re: Entertainment Industry should be told to get lost

You know I think you just had a great idea there!

“If our P.M. had any stones he’d tell them to take a good long walk into an active volcano.”

Can you imagine the money that would roll in from a pay-per-view event of those in charge of Hollywood all jumping into a volcano!

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: Entertainment Industry should be told to get lost

Because we’ll have a trade issue, like softwood lumber because we didn’t go into Iraq, or likely a “dirty oil” campaign or anti-Canadian potash campaign to hurt our economy.

Likely though, our PM will do whatever he’s paid to do, rather than what is in the best interests of Canadians.

Anonymous Coward says:

an excellent idea and 1 i have suggested myself! if it ever happened and i know it’s a big ‘if’, i wonder how long it would take before the US government told the entertainment industries ‘look at what you’ve done! were not getting anywhere near the income from you that you said! now no one will trade with us, the economy has gone right down the pan! you better go fuck yourselves!’

Robert (profile) says:

If you were the Canadian Government?

“If I were the Canadian Government” – Mike, if you were, you’d be touting how ‘clean’ the tarsands are, how we need to beat everyone into submission, how even the government providing a budget is proof of transparency, how funding for election campaigns should not be through tax dollars [ talk about admitting you get funding from corporations ], and how free speech doesn’t exist.

If you were the current Canadian Government, you’d be on Hollywood’s side, not the Canadian People’s side (kinda like the current US government is on the side of any lobbyist and not the American People’s side).

In fact, if you were actually a member of the Canadian Government, with your current views, you would have been dismissed a LONG time ago. Our government silences anyone who dissents against it, much like the US government tries to (but freely proclaims otherwise – right Mrs Clinton???).

Call me Al says:

Re: why?

I’d like to know if there is an association that represents associations that represent other associations.

To answer your question more seriously, it looks to be a case there the MPAA, RIAA etc represent their individual industries but at different level it makes sense for the them to be represented as a whole so that they are seen as having one united voice crying for money rather than many disparate ones.

JerseyJoe123 says:


So basically the Entertainment industry is saying that they don’t want Canada at the table, while they discuss their proposed draconian laws to enact against Canadian people, until the Canadian government adopts other draconian laws against its own people so as to prove its evil worthiness to sit at the table with them.

Somewhere, Dr. Evil is saying “Hey! Who leaked the script of Austin Powers 4!”

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