SOPA Is So Bad, Political Cartoonist Comes Out Of Retirement To Create New Comics Warning About It

from the get-your-censor-on dept

David Rees became a well known political cartoonist about a decade ago, but he eventually gave it up for other pursuits… until SOPA came along. Last week he announced that he was coming out of retirement in order to launch, with a bunch of comics and images related to SOPA. Here are just a couple, but you can click the link above to see more.

I still don’t think the politicians supporting this mess realize what they’ve stirred up online…

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Comments on “SOPA Is So Bad, Political Cartoonist Comes Out Of Retirement To Create New Comics Warning About It”

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TtfnJohn (profile) says:

Re: Re: Re:

just a widdle detail here. It was largely the Lords and nutty old King George III who didn’t care what the colonists wanted or cared about. The Commons was stuffed full of supporters of the revolutionaries. Sadly it wasn’t until 35 some odd years later that the Commons finally knackered the Lords so that something like what happened in America wouldn’t ever happen again.

It helped that a certain Queen Victoria was as disgusted with what the Lords and George the Nutty had done that where the Commons couldn’t directly overrule the Lords, she did. The legal and full neutering of the Lords didn’t really happen till the early 20th Century by which time no one really cared all that much what they thought.

PaulT (profile) says:

Re: Re:

So, yet again, an AC attacks an actual artist rather than provide any reason why his opinion is wrong. Of course, someone can’t read the actual bills and come to the same conclusion as everybody else against it independently. If they don’t toe the corporate line, they must be misled by lies – although, of course, you won’t tell us how they’re wrong.

“propoganda that relies on absurd hypothericals and buzz words”

Ah, you started reading your own posts? Well done.

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