US Copyright Office Still Out Of Touch; Supports PROTECT IP/E-PARASITE & Felony Streaming Bills

from the whatever-the-entertainment-industry-wants dept

The US Copyright Office, for years, has remained totally out of touch with the mess that copyright has become, often acting as the entertainment industry’s voice within the government. There was some hope that when longtime boss Marybeth Peters finally left, that the Copyright Office would bring in some new blood who might actually recognize how hindering and damaging copyright law is today, and seek to actually help bring copyright law into the modern era. So much for that plan. New boss Maria Pallante has released a new report detailing the “priorities” of the Copyright Office… and its the entertainment industry’s two favorite bills: PROTECT IP/E-PARASITE and the felony streaming bill. The full report (pdf) also supports the RIAA bailout bill/performance rights act, also known as the extra tax on radio stations, forcing them to pay to advertise music. While there are a few nods towards things like orphan works, it seems like the Copyright Office is about more of the same failed policies… just ratcheted up further.

In other words, the US Copyright Office remains totally out of touch with what’s happening in the world and online these days, and how both of these bills will have massive unintended consequences; criminalizing perfectly reasonable behavior, putting massive burdens on job-creating entrepreneurs and startups, limiting investment into innovation, and fundamentally breaking important parts of the internet. But if it gets a few more dollars into some legacy Hollywood studio’s pockets… well, the US Copyright Office is all for that. Sad. The US Copyright Office should be and could be a leader in fixing a broken copyright system. Instead, it appears to want to double down on the failed policies of the past, believing that greater enforcement and harsher punishments for actions done by millions is the answer. Scary stuff, but not surprising.

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Comments on “US Copyright Office Still Out Of Touch; Supports PROTECT IP/E-PARASITE & Felony Streaming Bills”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re:

People are dumb and do not pay attention to or even understand what is going on pertaining to tech internet stuff.And little to no papers or news outlets have carried the story of our government about to sell out the Country for a little money form their MAFIAA SCUMBAG Friends.
I wonder how much it takes to “buy” a Senator ?

anonymous says:

just a different name condoning the same or even worse policies. perhaps the ‘massive unintended consequences’ are not so ‘unintended!
what was Pallante doing before getting involved with the US Copyright Office? from what i read, every position she has ever held has been to do with copyright in one form or another. loads of brains, no common sense. no wonder she got the job.

Jay (profile) says:

Re: Re: Re: Re:

I’ve been quite critical of his position before. If there’s something specific that I have to say about his position, link me and I’ll be sure to analyze and critique what he’s saying. I just have no interest in looking up his latest articles when his logic and reasoning have been getting worse and worse since the beginning of the year.

Anonymous Coward says:


In other words, the US Copyright Office remains totally out of touch…

Not out of touch. Just captured by lobbyists.

Structurally ?over the long term? we cannot rely on any government agency to protect a broad and diffuse public interest against a small group determined to profit.

It is a deep problem in all our institutions.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Captured

“In other words, the US Copyright Office remains totally out of touch…”

Not out of touch. Just captured by lobbyists.

You seem to think that lobbyists exist only on the side you oppose. What do you think Masnick was doing in Washington last week? He was lobbying. Right along with the dozens of Google lobbying firms, EFF, CDT and PK all lobby. Maybe it’s that the lobbyists on your side of the issue can’t get traction because lawmakers largely believe that infringing is stealing.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: Re: Re:

Since I know for a fact that you can’t stop nobody from copying anything.

Can you tell us how will you monitor all means of communication and transfer of data?

Nope you can’t.

Besides the trully freetards are the artists that want life + 95 years of a monopoly, that is not working for a living that is called being a parasite, not only that who was the idiot who let them control derivatives? Can Ford control what people do with their vehicles? Can Coca Cola say to others how to use their products after they have been sold?

Nope so why is that copyright allow that kind of thing.

America become independent because nobody wanted to pay monopoly rents and now everybody has to pay some entitled a-holes that believe they can define what is a crime and who is a criminal.

Yah right, without the majority of the population behind it, there will be no effective copyrights ever.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: Re: Re:

If the people really support these laws then why was ACTA negotiated in secret? Could it be because the government-industrial complex knows that people do not support these laws? and now TPP.

and I have never seen a politician run for office claiming that he will expand IP laws if elected. Perhaps politicians know that these laws are unpopular among their constituents and such claims are a sure way to not get elected? If the people really want these laws, why aren’t politicians eager to publicly proclaim their support of IP laws during elections? It should help them get elected, right?

Anonymous Coward says:

All of this posting about protect IP and such gives me the impression that Mike is pretty much having a foot stamping, hair pulling tantrum, just like any child denied his binky.

What have we seen in the last 48 hours? 2 hit pieces against the bill sponsors, attacks on Justin Beiber, and some pretty intense pieces such as this one calling in every boogie man possible to try to make things look bad.

It’s enough to make my weekend so much better!

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: Re:

You didn’t read the same post I did, did you?

It’s a hit piece, an attack on Beiber within hours of his complaint to EFF coming public, as part of the campaign against new laws coming out.

If you can’t understand why the piece was posted, I think you need to step back and think for a while. Mike has been incredibly transparent in the last few days, how come you can’t see it?

Anonymous Coward says:

The article makes it sound as if the Copyright Office has only the two legislative matters on its plate of priorities. This is hardly the case, as the paper goes on to point out a whole host of other matters, many of are in consonance with what is repeatedly expressed here.

While one might want the Register of Copyrights to go much further, it is not, in my view, accurate or fair to suggest that she “does not get it”.

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