Court Rejects Righthaven's Attempt To Stall About Paying Legal Fees

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We recently wrote about Righthaven trying to get the appeals court to drop the requirement that it put up a $34k bond to cover legal fees owed in the Hoehn case, as it argued it needed the money for its other cases. The appeals court didn’t buy the argument. As you can see below, it denied the “emergency motion” with no real commentary, other than to point to a few previous cases. So, Righthaven now just has a short period of time to find $34k to put up for bond, or it may expose itself to contempt charges or other sanctions.

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Comments on “Court Rejects Righthaven's Attempt To Stall About Paying Legal Fees”

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Anonymous Coward (user link) says:

Pirate court is being a pirate right now and they are stealing from those in the high seas. and Pirate Mike supports them too. but don’t worry, the government will crack down on this intellectual robbery and stop this insane theft that’s happening in the wild wild west of wild piracy land. and a higher court will show them that they can’t break the law and that this is wrong. Politicians are not going to let the pirates get away with this for long either, they will stop this massive criminal behavior that the entire population seems to think is OK. They will let the entire disagreeing population know that this is not OK through more legislation and greater punishments and that will make everyone stop thinking piracy is OK.

Mark Parity says:

Re: [no subject]

Yes you’re absolutely *puff* *puff* right. Pirate court *puff* *puff* stealing *puff* *puff*.

Now you can put down the bong. The court has ruled. AGAIN. Piracy is not a legal word. There is no “Pirate court”. The only pirate is you pirating English words to attempt to make sense of Righthaven folly.

Begone butt pirate.


Slicerwizard says:

Re: Re: [no subject]

“Now you can put down the bong. The court has ruled. AGAIN. Piracy is not a legal word. There is no “Pirate court”. The only pirate is you pirating English words to attempt to make sense of Righthaven folly.

Begone butt pirate.”

Clearly, Mark Parity needs new batteries for his sarcasm detector.

Markus Hopkins (profile) says:

Super Genius

Guys, guys, come on now… I think Righthaven deserves to be cut a little slack here. After all, they actually believed that their scheme to be assigned only the right to sue (despite laws to the contrary) would work. Now, either they are so dumb they deserve our pity, or they are so forward thinking and creative that we should hail them as visionaries. They’re probably only a few years ahead of their time, come to think of it. Their actions were so prescient that in a few years when TPP allows such behavior generally, Righthaven should make sure to sue anyone else that follows their lead for copyright infringement!

TheBigH (profile) says:

Righthaven’s entire business model consisted of trying to extract money from people with threats and dubious legal posturing. Now they’re the ones having to pay and pay.

I don’t believe that there’s a supernatural force that sees to it that people get exactly what they deserve, which makes it all the more satisfying when it actually happens.

Suck it, Righthaven!

Anonymous Coward says:

And are we really meant to believe that a group that was as devious and slime ball to come up with Righthaven in the first place has not also anticipated that one day it would all end like this.

How much money have they spirited away, that will never be returned to those they scammed, knowing this would happen? Unless the law pursues them as individuals they will get away with it.

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