Homeland Security Says Homeland Security Hasn't Abused Airline Passenger Info

from the doesn't-that-make-you-feel-safer dept

As there are continued concerns from the EU about US requirements to hand over passenger info to the US, where it will be stored for at least fifteen years, Homeland Security trotted out its own “chief privacy officer,” who insists that Homeland Security hasn’t abused the information. Somehow, trusting DHS to tell us DHS isn’t abusing the information DHS so desperately wants… isn’t particularly comforting.

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Comments on “Homeland Security Says Homeland Security Hasn't Abused Airline Passenger Info”

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Jeffhole (profile) says:


K, so even if they don’t abuse the information (laughable claim), what exactly makes them think that other people won’t get ahold of it and abuse it? The DHS doesn’t have a good enough reputation when it comes to…anything…for me to believe that there won’t be a cablegate-like leak. 10 million people probably just fired up a new version of LOIC…

That Anonymous Coward (profile) says:

Is this the same DHS that claimed
-theft by their employees was not happening?
-agents are well trained and professional while one was pulling people over on the roads?
-that the searches are random, but they always manage to get “muslim looking” and the very pretty girls for extra screening?
-still professional while offering to move people in line in a wheelchair to skip them ahead, but if you don’t offer enough cash they get loud and abusive?
-that photography is not allowed, even when handed the official DHS policy documents?
-that feeling up children needed to be done?
-it was ok that several checkpoints missed test bombs repeatedly?
-that the radiation dose had been tested and was safe, until it was proven there was no such testing of the actual units.
-that developed no maintenance plans for the pronoscanners?
-that has millions in equipment collecting dust in a warehouse after it was shown it did not work as promised, but they keep paying out the full contract?

Given the record of DHS behavior, I do not see how anyone can trust anything they tell us. They are an overreaction to a horrible terrorist event, but they are rapidly creating the same amount of terror in citizens they seek to stop.

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