Intellectual Ventures Sues Motorola Mobility For Infringement; Guess Who's Trying To Cause Trouble For Google?

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You can almost hear Intellectual Ventures’ lawyers cackling with glee in announcing that they’ve filed their latest patent infringement lawsuit against Motorola Mobility — the company that Google is buying for its patents. Clearly, this is a shot at Google. As for the patents in question, let’s take a look:

  • 7,810,144: File transfer system for direct transfer between computers
  • 6,412,953: Illumination device and image projection apparatus comprising the device
  • 7,409,450: Transmission control protocol/internet protocol (TCP/IP) packet-centric wireless point to multi-point (PTMP) transmission system architecture
  • 7,120,462: Portable computing, communication and entertainment device with central processor carried in a detachable handset
  • 6,557,054: Method and system for distributing updates by presenting directory of software available for user installation that is not already installed on user stastion
  • 6,658,464: User station software that controls transport, storage, and presentation of content from a remote source

If that looks like an odd and random selection of patents, well, that’s the idea. IV has its stacks upon stacks of patents, and they just rifle through them to find something — anything — that anyone they want to go after might infringe on. And, voila! open the cash register.

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Comments on “Intellectual Ventures Sues Motorola Mobility For Infringement; Guess Who's Trying To Cause Trouble For Google?”

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fogbugzd (profile) says:

Google bought Motorala in large part because it gave them a war chest of patents to defend themselves against other cell phone OS producers such as Apple and Microsoft.

Unfortunately that type of defense is useless against patent trolls because non-producing entities by definition don’t produce anything Motorola/Google can counter sue for. All IV has to do is keep throwing weak patents against the wall until a judge in East Texas lets one stick.

Getting a worthless patent or two invalidated doesn’t really matter to IV because they have a lot more worthless patents to draw on. The real danger that they face is making enough big companies like Google mad at them that software patents get tossed out as invalid.

Sean T Henry (profile) says:

Re: Re: Patents

6,412,953: Illumination device and image projection apparatus comprising the device
Candle and hands – a device to projecting an image on a wall

7,810,144: File transfer system for direct transfer between computers
Luckly computers do not directly transfer files to each other they have something between them be it a router, media, or component in the computer but not the computer its self.

fogbugzd (profile) says:

Re: Re: Intellectual Vultures

>>cognitive bias?

Quite possibly, but honestly it is good to see the trolls come back to Capistrano. I was worried by the lack of trolling lately.

I think we really do need to trolls. I prefer the higher quality trolls that actually make valid points. They contribute to the quality of the discussion. I even value the feeble trolls that have dominated the traffic lately. Even the mindless and feeble trolls let us know that xPAA takes TD as enough of a threat that they are willing to give us some attention.

Austin (profile) says:

In layman's terms...

The patents are for…

– FTP, SAMBA, HTTP, SFTP, or even just a damn USB cable
– Projectors. Any kind of projector.
– Wifi routers. All of them.
– Any and every smartphone that includes a cradle or dock.
– The Apple App Store, the Android Market, Synaptic on Linux, any other “app store”
– Dropbox, the cloud in general.

Isn’t there supposed to be some sort of test for, yanno, obviousness? Shouldn’t ALL of these patents FAIL that test? Or prior art? Or just the “you’ve got to be shitting me” test in general?

I mean nevermind the lawsuit. Hell, nevermind the bad patents. In this case, if one patent examiner approved more than one of these patents, someone needs to either fire him, or move the examiner out of his cave to a new residence that has electricity. Seriously, half the issue here is the village IDIOTS working in the USPTO who couldn’t take a 10-second glance at this (as I did) and see how blatantly obvious it is that these are BAD PATENTS and SHOULD NOT HAVE BEEN GRANTED TO BEGIN WITH! To anyone! Ever!

Anonymous Coward says:

If tech companies hate [software/obvious hardware/etc] patents so much, why don’t they all contribute to a fund that lobbies to eradicate them?

Surely this is a better long term strategy than continually wasting time year-over-year on these patent wars…

These companies are flush with cash, I’m pretty sure if say only ~50 of these companies contributed money to a generic fund this would not be shareholder-revolted.

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