Lady Gaga's Manager Would Like To Give Her Next Album Away For Free… If He Could

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It’s been clear for a while that Lady Gaga understood the power of free music, using it in a variety of promotions, saying she didn’t care if people downloaded her music, because it only got more people to go see her live and emphatically saying she thinks albums cost way too much. She thought that $0.99 was a better price for an entire album, rather than per song.

Now, as Robw was the first of a few of you to point out, her manager has said that, if it were up to him, he’d give her next album away totally free — with the focus on getting it as much exposure as possible, knowing full well that he’d make that up through greater fan support elsewhere.

“If it was up to me, I’d give away the next album and put it on every handset that I can put it on, to get that scale,” he said. “You can’t be scared to fail. Sometimes we’re going to get big results, and sometimes you learn a lesson, make an adjustment and move on.”

Of course, some will immediately point out that since it’s not up to him, such comments are meaningless. He can say that and “pander” to fans, even if he doesn’t really believe it. But, of course, there’s no reason to believe he doesn’t mean it. And in an era when so many top musicians are being pressured to toe the industry line about how evil “free” is, it’s certainly nice to see one of the biggest (if not the biggest) pop stars in the world, and her management, recognizing publicly that the business model these days isn’t in selling music directly.

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Comments on “Lady Gaga's Manager Would Like To Give Her Next Album Away For Free… If He Could”

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Anonymous Coward says:

What they realizes only is that, once you have reached a certain point, selling music is the smaller end of the business, nothing more and nothing less.

I am sure that Gaga and her management have no intention of returning the millions that were poured into turning her from a stripping into an international “star”, nor do they intend to refund their fans for having paid for music before.

The story always reads differently when you have “fuck you” money to work with.

Anonymous Coward says:

Did anyone know who Lady Gaga was before her studio contract?

She signed a contract with a studio. The studio provided services such as recording time, mastering, post production, and most importantly PROMOTION. Without these services chances are we would never have heard of Lady Gaga.

For this reason I think studios are evil, they are the reason we have to hear her dance pop crap. Please join Mike’s quest to stop the studios from discovering and promoting new “talent”.

Michael Whitetail says:

Re: Re:

Your assuming that a person cannot self-promote themselves in the music business. You are of course, very wrong.

Many artists are doing very well for themselves, despite not having the backing of a major label, simply because they embraced the internet, and leveraged it to level the playing field.

These days the entry costs for recording, mastering, and production are very reasonable for the average person, and word-of-mouth advertising has always been the best sort of advertising. There isnt the need to sign with a label, fork over all your profits and loose your copyrights to boot.

The restrictions of what an artist can and cannot do with their own creations is the #2 reason not to go with a major label. The #1 reason is not haveing to be sell your soul/be indebted to a major corporation.

CJ (profile) says:


Unfortunately it wont happen because they are slaves to the music industry. It is great that many music artist today are seeing the importance of thinking of their fans, and giving back to them. However many are finding out too late their hands are tied to the music industry which are thinking of only lining their pockets any way they can. Including blocking freebies.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Sweet

She is CONTRACTUALLY OBLIGATED to the label she signed with. The label provided services at great expense before she even proved to be a commercial success. The money the labels make off of ONE successful performer offset the huge losses they incure from the hundreds of duds.

I know the mentality here is that anything you have to pay for sucks, but in the case of recorded music it really is about repayment for services provided.

Look at the P&L statements for the labels and tell me if they are “linig their pockets”.

Daddy Warbucks says:


I remember growing up hearing the same songs many, many times on the radio. It was as if I owned the album and got to play those songs over and over. Hearing those songs repeatedly made me want to go to the concerts with my friends, who also heard the songs as many times as I did.

Free radio (paid by ads) worked to drive me to as many concerts as I could get to without going deaf. Labels are short sided and will flail around to protect, until TRILLIONS of digital versions of their songs finally overwhelm them and they become useless the peer user.

Why can’t they see what Gaga sees, 100’s of Millions with a song are more likely to go to concerts than 1 Million with a song.

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