UK Law Enforcement Demanding Guardian's Sources On News Of The World Hacking Scandal [Updated]

from the journalist-shields? dept

There’s been a growing attack on the right of journalists to keep their sources secret. In the US, we’ve seen attempts to expose newspaper sources using the Espionage Act, and it appears that over in the UK something similar is happening. Scotland Yard is apparently demanding that The Guardian reveal its sources for its thorough and widespread reporting on the News of the World phone hacking scandal. This would be the same UK law enforcement folks who were alerted to the phone hacking and chose to ignore it… while The Guardian pushed on doing the reporting to expose it. To then pressure The Guardian to give up its sources certainly has the feeling of attacking the guys who exposed Scotland Yard’s failures in investigating News of the World earlier… Update: Looks like the press attention to this story has caused Scotland Yard to back down. Still, it seems like this could create serious chilling effects for UK press.

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Comments on “UK Law Enforcement Demanding Guardian's Sources On News Of The World Hacking Scandal [Updated]”

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Anonymous Coward says:

As many have already pointed out, the inquiry was dropped due to a shitstorm of bad PR. It appears that the outcry was so loud that even some MPs heard, way up in their ivory tower made of false expense claims. The senior Met official who decided to drop the inquiry has been called before the Commons Home Affairs Committee to explain himself. They’re not questioning his decision to pursue a freedom of the press destroying investigation. Rather, they want him to explain what further steps have been taken by the Met to prevent leaks by their officers.

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