As New 'Digital First' CEO Takes Over At Media News, First Course Of Business Was Dropping Righthaven

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In the newspaper business, one of the few brightspots that we’ve seen has been the efforts of the Journal Register, which, under CEO John Paton, took a strong “digital first” position, and showed that they meant it by embracing some really great moves that bucked industry trends. So it was great to see that rumors from a few weeks ago that Paton was going to head up the larger newspaper chain MediaNews came true.

Even better? It appears that one of Paton’s first acts of business was to end Media News’ deal with Righthaven. In true “digital first,” mode, Paton made this clear in a tweet to Dan Gillmor:

Media News has already terminated their relationship with RightsHaven.

In a later interview, Paton said doing a deal with Righthaven was a “dumb idea from the start.”

This is quite a shift for Media News, which was previously run by Dean Singleton (who also was chair of the Associated Press), who was a big fan of “cracking down” on the internet. He was the one who brought in Righthaven, and was a huge proponent of putting up paywalls, because he thought it added more value to newspapers. Paton, who has spoken out against paywalls in the past, has said that he’s not yet up-to-speed on Media News’s paywalls to know what to do about them, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see the company reverse course soon enough.

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Comments on “As New 'Digital First' CEO Takes Over At Media News, First Course Of Business Was Dropping Righthaven”

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Hephaestus (profile) says:

Re: Re:

“It is nice to seem “common sense” win out sometimes.”

It is not common sense. It is finally trying something new, now that they have no choice. Where ever communications technology and the internet are common place, newspapers are failing. People are finding what interests them, they are finding this from around the world. In effect the local market was removed, and a global market has occurred. Removing the need for the local papers to parrot each other.

The inefficiencies in the market have been removed, in both the distribution of news, and advertising.

hmm (profile) says:


If righthaven goes bankrupt that will land Stephens Media right in the shitter and no mistake.

The courts have already shown they know Stephens Media/Righthaven was a cheap scam to rip off old ladies/vulnerable adults/the recently bereaved etc….and this would put the nail in the coffin as they expose their “getaway scot free” plan to the world…….

What would be awesome would be if the instant righthaven says its bankrupt, the court forces stephens media into bankruptcy and appoints administrators to “oversee” their finances….

hmm (profile) says:

What I'm suprised at is..

Stephens Media has pissed off HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of people trying to steal money from them.

Surely they must know there must be at least one or two gun-toting basketcases in that crowd (its a mathematical certainty given the number of lawsuits) that will come after them with a loaded shotgun or two for revenge……

Stephens Media/Righthaven people are going to end up with bodyguards and looking over their shoulders for a very long time.

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