DailyDirt: Trains, Trains, Trains. I've Got a Thing About Trains…

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Trains are an often over-looked form of transportation in the US. But trains are actually one of the most fuel-efficient ways to travel — able to move a ton of freight over 400 miles on just one gallon of fuel. Here are just a few quick links on some cool train projects.

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Comments on “DailyDirt: Trains, Trains, Trains. I've Got a Thing About Trains…”

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Beta (profile) says:

Heinlein did it (of course)

The “moving platform” is a neat theory, but there just seem to be too many things that can go wrong. On an ordinary train platform, if a passenger has trouble with the door (trips and falls, gets a sleeve caught on something, whatever) the crew notice and the train doesn’t move until things are sorted out. If something goes wrong on this tandem train, the only thing to do is bring both trains to a stop– if there’s enough time before the tracks diverge. And don’t even think about pranksters (or worse) with, say, some stout nylon rope.

Anyway, Heinlein wrote “The Roads Must Roll” in 1940. Think of a subway with no trains, just several wide conveyor belts running side-by-side at different speeds. Step from the platform to the slowest belt, then walk across to the next faster one, then the next. Get going as fast as you want, and when you approach your destination stop (or city), reverse the process. Partitions mounted on some belts keep the wind from getting too severe. Oh, and the point of the story was that anyone who can shut down your transportation network has a dangerous amount of power over society.

Mudlock (profile) says:

Yeah, great idea; build a train tunnel to Nome. Only one problem: There are no train tracks (or roads) that come out of Nome.

Oh, and no train tracks from Alaska to the rest of the US (and only one road).

I thought this crazy scheme had died five years ago; why is it surging in popularity again all of a sudden?

Following sources back…

…and back again…

By line: 2007! It DID die five years ago!

last minute flights (user link) says:

Good Information Shared

Train is the best travel medium in terms of luxury, economic and comfort. I always prefer to travel in the train rather than buses or other medium. I gather some good aspect about the train regarding news from this post. Under water train from Siberia to Alaska sound really strange and impressive. Thanks for this post.

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