Just Because The Person You're Suing Has Mastered A California Accent, It Doesn't Make California The Proper Jurisdiction

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We had mentioned earlier this year how NBA player Chris Bosh had sued the producers of the reality TV show Basketball Wives for having an ex-girlfriend of his on the show. He claimed that it was a violation of his trademark, publicity rights and life rights. Oh yeah, he also complained that since the woman was never his “wife” there’s a problem with the name of the show. Beyond just suing the producers of the show, he also sued the woman for appearing on the show, and she countersued him in part because she was soon kicked off the show. Either way Bosh and the producers settled, but the lawsuit against the woman continued… but has now been tossed over jurisdictional issues. You see, neither Bosh nor the woman, Allison Mathis, are in California, where the lawsuit was filed. Amazingly, Bosh tried (and failed) to get around this by saying that, well, she “has mastered a California accent.” The court, pretty clearly, did not find that a compelling explanation for why the case belonged in California.

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Comments on “Just Because The Person You're Suing Has Mastered A California Accent, It Doesn't Make California The Proper Jurisdiction”

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That Anonymous Coward (profile) says:

Like fer sure yer honorness, I am tooootaly from California so this is the like awesomest place for me to like sue and stuff ya know?

Reality “Stars” aren’t to bright.

Maybe John Waters had it right…

“If you go home with somebody, and they don’t have books, don’t ____ ’em!” ? John Waters

If you watch someone on TV and they are stupid, don’t watch them.

Stuart says:

And this is why I hate basketball.

Of all the sports I know of basketball players are, as a group, the stupidest athletes out there.

Stupider even than those guy who do the backyard wrestling thing.

Basketball is a sport by thugs, for thugs.

Now football is starting to go that direction as well. (Real football. Not that round ball game the rest of the world plays.) 🙂

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