Righthaven Loses Again; Told To Pay $34,045.50 In Legal Fees

from the not-a-great-business-model dept

Rightaven’s summer of trouble continues. Having already lost its case against Wayne Hoehn for the same reasons it’s been losing a bunch of cases lately (its sham copyright transfer), the court (as in a few similar cases) was asked to make Righthaven pay Hoehn’s legal fees and, in a short and sweet ruling, Judge Philip Pro has agreed and told Righthaven to hand over $34,045.50, stating that awarding such fees seems reasonable in this case. Can’t wait to see how Righthaven’s Steve Gibson spins this to say that it’s really just a court giving guidance to Righthaven’s competitors who just aren’t as sophisticated as Righthaven.

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Comments on “Righthaven Loses Again; Told To Pay $34,045.50 In Legal Fees”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re:

Quick recap:

Righthaven filed a bunch of lawsuits. The Masnick made fun of them in true freetard fashion. Judges acted stupid.

Future: On appeal Righthaven will get back all of its money and the defendants will be forced to pay for everything they stole plus court fees, Righthaven’s fees, and will hopefully all go bankrupt.


DogBreath says:

Re: Re: Re:

That sounds about right, but you’ve left out the most important part – What is happening now. This sums it up: “Hello Righthaven! My name is Inigo Montoya! You sued my father with sham copyright assignments! Prepare to lose big time and make a complete fool of yourself in open court!”

Anonymous Coward says:


So they were abusing the court system, extorting money from ignorant or scared common people, and lying to the court by withholding important information regarding there eligibility to sue in the first place?

It’s really hard to have any sympathy for an industry that employs these types of tactics. It seem to me like they are creating more “freetards” than they are stopping with these types of tactics.

If you are an industry, and you’re customers have built a culture around hating/trying to screw you, you have failed and should rethink you’re entire approach to doing business.

Anonymous Coward says:

Judgment Proof Entity

Righthaven’s big mistake is that they failed to make themselves into a Judgment Proof Entity (JPE) in the first place. JPEs do not have to worry about losing court cases and being sanctioned. They just vanish. Look at the patent troll, Oasis Research (OR). Nobody has any idea who owns OR. OR has a permanently locked office in East Texas, with the lights out. When the cops come knocking, there will never be anybody there. OR is a shell company which could easily be owned by another shell company in a tax-haven jurisdiction. There is no possibility of a JPE being successfully forced to pay a single dollar which they do not want to pay. Nor can it ever be locked up in jail. Being a JPE is absolutely brilliant. A JPE can sue anybody for any amount of money. A JPE is the perfect corporate predator.

US lawyers love JPEs. There is no chance of the US legislature waking up and fixing this problem anytime soon. US courts happily go along with the fiction of JPEs being just like people.

You Americans are so screwed.

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