Fox News Tells AP Not To Use Clips From GOP Debate; AP Apparently Unfamiliar With Fair Use

from the no-surprise dept

The Associated Press has a history that suggests it doesn’t like fair use, even though its reporters and staff rely on it constantly. Yet, perhaps the AP is finally putting its money where its mouth is and will no longer rely on fair use at all. As Tim Lee points out, in this video clip the AP put together of the GOP presidential candidates’ debate, there is no footage of the actual debate shown, and the AP says (at about 28 seconds) that “Fox News Channel did not allow AP to select excerpts of the debate for use in this online video story.”

But, of course, short clips from debates are always used by competing news channels and they know that it’s protected by fair use. There’s so much that’s bizarre about that single line in the story when you think about it. Why would AP ask permission in the first place? The whole point of fair use is that you don’t need permission. Why would Fox deny the permission? Fox relies on fair use just as much as others do, and “denying” another news provider seems likely to come back and haunt them. Why didn’t the AP use the video clips anyway and stand up for their basic fair use rights?

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Comments on “Fox News Tells AP Not To Use Clips From GOP Debate; AP Apparently Unfamiliar With Fair Use”

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tindiana (profile) says:

Re: Re: Donnicaton

Fox knows there is a lot of ammo for the other side, which may or may not be the AP.

They want to shape the news… not report it. This has become a problem in mainstream news on-line comments also. They (media “moderators”) are “censuring” in the name of moderation and when someone doesn’t like a comment, even when it makes sense, is reasonably argued and contains no names or profanity…it is “flagged” and it is removed quickly.

I’m banned on Bloomberg, PBS, and censored significantly on CNN, especially CNN Money. They simply cannot argue and debate truthfully, openly, because often their arguments fail under analysis. Is that big brother controlling them?

Courts are doing the same thing (ignoring reasoned argument and pleadings) and fraud is prevailing often.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: Re:

What I was going to say. The debates where a bizarro insane-fest suitable only for the mentally deranged. Fox news and the GOP receive no benefit for showing the debates. If anything it would hurt the pro-war neo-conservative stance as Ron Paul actually came out the frontrunner in the debates and thoroughly embarrassed Bachmann and whoever the #2 guy is. I’m not a fan of Ron Paul in the general sense, but if I had to vote for anyone currently running from the two crap-parties, I’d vote for him.

Fox news actually removed the results of the opinion poll after the debate which showed the results heavily in his favor.

Anonymous Coward says:


Think about it – Fox knows that it’s fair use. AP knows that it’s fair use. What is the point of pretending otherwise?

Well, you have two copyright-maximalist organizations, who want to eliminate fair use. Why not pretend it doesn’t exist, so as to convince anyone watching that it doesn’t exist?

There is a word for this: propaganda.

newsdork (profile) says:

Fair Use is fairly straight forward...theoretically

Lemme quote from the U.S. Copyright Office –

“Notwithstanding the provisions of sections 106 and 106A, the fair use of a copyrighted work, including such use by reproduction in copies or phonorecords or by any other means specified by that section, for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching (including multiple copies for classroom use), scholarship, or research, is not an infringement of copyright.”

Maybe the AP is subtly reminding us that they’re not news reporters?

tindiana (profile) says:

AP is subtly reminding us that they're not news reporters

My wife, a journalist, explains to me that the AP doesn’t even have an office in our state. They have no vested interest in bringing balanced news in my community. A small staff simply operates it as a business from another state, choosing what they want to pass on and what they don’t. The comment about them respecting Fox request rings true as a way to eliminate “fair use”, at the expense of their readers.

Matthew McIntyre says:

AP are a bunch of Progressive Tools

The AP doesn’t care about fair anything. FOX on the other hand did what was right and did not allow a bunch of anti american or anti free speech people get there hands on video so they could doctor it up so it looked like the candidates said one thing when they really did not. I swear FOX is the only semi honest news station out there the rest flat out LIE.

TIndiana (profile) says:

Re: AP are a bunch of Progressive Tools

Since when do “sponsors” of public events have exclusive copyright? Were the Iowa organizers so desperate that they made some contractual agreement?

Listen to the crowd reactions to answers…Paul was a hands down winner.

I watched MSNBC News a few minutes ago and they didn’t even mention Paul. Who owns/runs MSNBC for them to “shape” the news, not mentioning Paul

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