Czech Pirate Party Tries To Show That Linking Is Not A Crime

from the will-this-backfire? dept

The Pirate Party in the Czech Republic is trying to show that linking is not a crime by putting up sites that merely link to some infringing material. The party is doing this to support a high school student facing massive fines for linking to some works covered by copyright. I do wonder, however, if this will backfire. Law enforcement, industry folks and politicians who simply don’t understand the technology will not realize the point of such a site, and merely assume that it’s yet another “piracy” site. I would think a more effective means of doing this would be to merely iframe the results of a Google search…

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Comments on “Czech Pirate Party Tries To Show That Linking Is Not A Crime”

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Anonymous Coward says:

I would think a more effective means of doing this would be to merely iframe the results of a Google search…

Attempting to calculate outcome…
Decompiling the mind of a government official…

while (self.attention_span < goldfish.attention_span)
?catch (search_engine x)

mirradric says:

Re: an alternative

while ( (self.time_wasted < goldfish.attenion_span || self.contribution(ban_google) > self.price ) && !government.isbanned(Google))
// ban can throw a public outcry exception is outcry level above threshold
catch(search_engine x)
// just throw. no need to check threshold
throw new public_outcry(;
catch (public_outcry po)

G Thompson (profile) says:

Re: Re:

I think of it this way.

Who is led by the all mighty re-election dollar without knowing anything == Politicians

Who states they gains the most from banning piracy. == MAFIAA

Who gains the most money, experience and claims they they are only doing what is in best interest of clients == Lawyers

Therefore on a sliding scale of idiocy I’d say Lawyers were most intelligent, followed by Mafiaa, then coming in a dead last are politicians.


Anonymous Coward says:

I very much agree with mike allen’s statement of a link provided to the source of a comment or editorial. Especially when the source provided is for the purpose of making comment at some other place. Folks that might read your thoughts based on the text of some other source want to know particularly that it is not a ‘made up article’ merely for the sake of commenting but rather something found on the net used for the base fodder.

Any time I use such a method, always, without exception, I provide a source link, show no hyperlinks that might be within the source text, and very rarely even post an image. As habit, the reader is reminded that those items are within the original source and encouragement is provided to see that same source.

Without links, that habit proves hard to continue.

smoalne says:

not really buddy

if you know what a referenced directory is in *nix then you’ll understand how linking isn’t infringement. The site merely indexes sites holding the copyrighted material and stores them by url – making a reference to something that’s illegal isn’t illegal in itself right ? I mean actions speak louder than words, and thinking about something isn’t bad at all.

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