Anti-Piracy Lawyer John Steele Caught Copying Content From Other Anti-Piracy Lawyer

from the now-that-would-be-a-fun-lawsuit dept

A year and a half ago, in writing about all the new law offices jumping into the mass “anti-piracy” shakedown lawsuit business, one of the early ones we covered was an operation called the Copyright Enforcement Group — or CEG. Oddly, we haven’t seen many stories of CEG in action threatening people… but we do keep coming across stories of other such lawyers copying content from CEG. Almost exactly a year ago, we wrote about how US Copyright Group had copied large parts of CEG’s website into its own website and, now, TorrentFreak has pointed out that infamous, mass-suing lawyer John Steele has been caught copying parts of CEG’s website as well. This is doubly ironic, given Steele’s usual bravado and talk about the evils of copyright infringement.

From Steele’s website

From CEG’s website
TorrentFreak asked CEG about this and it claimed that this was not authorized and that it might have to “take steps” to prevent Steele from continuing this copying. Now wouldn’t that be an interesting lawsuit to follow?

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Comments on “Anti-Piracy Lawyer John Steele Caught Copying Content From Other Anti-Piracy Lawyer”

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Zot-Sindi says:

Re: Re: Copytard

Hee! it’s copytard simply because they copy just as much as anyone else does, and that’s okay, they are being creative/innovative, but when someone else copies (god forbid copies THEM) they are suddenly the most sorry worthless scum of the earth with no creativity to speak of…

so, they are a retarded copier, since they can’t decide if copying is good or not

Gabriel Tane (profile) says:

News Story

Top story today? a black hole has appeared in a local courtroom. Scientists are still working to determine the exact cause of the phenomenon. They believe that this all started over an ?intellectual property? lawsuit. For those of you who don?t know, ?intellectual property? is the artificial term applied to an idea for the sole purpose of keeping anyone else from benefiting for that idea. Let?s go to Tom in the field for more details. Tom?

Thanks Sue? I?m standing (well!) outside a local courtroom where a miniature black hole has appeared. No one is sure exactly how this happened, but checking the videos stored electronically off-site has helped scientists form a hypothesis on how this happened.

John Steele, a lawyer known for suing over ?copyright theft? and other IP-related ?piracy? had copied a Q&A section from a website for the Copyright Enforcement Group, or CEG, regarding copyright infringement. CEG had taken John Steele to court over the matter. It appears that CEG?s legal filing was actually mostly copied from some of Mr. Steele?s own filings. When Mr. Steele noticed this in the courtroom, he hurled insults at CEG?s lawyer? and these insults were apparently “stolen” from CEG’s lawyer from another lawsuit involving CEG. The resultant vortex of copy stupidity collapsed into a singularity.

One of the local scientists comments: “the space-time continuum was not meant to handle this level of concentrated stupid and just broke under the strain”. Back to you, Sue.

Thanks Tom. And in related news, advocacy groups known for speaking out against IP-extremism are petitioning to have all current patent lawsuits moved from east Texas to this courtroom. More on that story at 11.

alaskaguy (profile) says:

and another thing...

the (aka ‘trolls’) website very proudly displays the logo, in order to assure their victims that their payments will go to the right pockets (any of those on the jeans of the copyright holders?) Note that (not a company that means anything to me, even after reading the wiki on it) cannot and will not verify the trolls. 🙂 too funny.

abc gum says:

Re: Re: Re: Re:

“What hypocrisy? It isn’t copyrighted content. It’s legal boilerplate. Lawyers use the same legal language all the time.”

I was unaware of this exclusion to the copyright clause you refer to as “boilerplate”. Let’s see if I can summarize it. After something has been stolen multiple times by multiple people it becomes known as “boilerplate” and is no longer subject to copyright, or alternatively it automatically becomes a CC licensed item. Is this correct?

“It’s funny how you tards feel the need to defend even the stupidest of Masnick’s posts.”

Pointing out hypocrisy does not imply the taking of one side of a debate over the other, not sure why this is misunderstood.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: Re:2 Re:

There’s no hypocrisy, you hopeless box of rocks.

Masnick might as well complain about Steele speaking words that someone else already spoke.

The post was yet more evidence that Masnick’s a joke and so are you.

Thanks to both of you for willingly providing daily evidence of that. The bait was set a year ago and you all have obliged flawlessly.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: Re:3 Re:

What Mike posted, or the fact that Mike posted, is of no relevance.

The fact is that CEG has now declared that John Steele was not authorised to copy that paragraph and considered taking action, fair use or otherwise.

So why aren’t you supporting CEG and attacking Mike instead? Aren’t you always supporting the rightsholders?


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