Michael Jackson Estate Claims Prank Caller Can't Sell Recording Because It Has Jackson's Voice On It

from the is-that-a-copyright-claim? dept

btr1701 points us to a story about Michael Jackson’s estate trying to stop the sale of a recording of a prank phone call from prankster Ralphige, supposedly to Michael Jackson. In the call, Ralphige pretended to be Akon. Previously, Michael Jackson (and the estate) had always claimed that Ralphige was not talking to the real Michael Jackson, and that the call was really between two people impersonating two other people. But, now that the Ralphige is selling the tape, the estate is suddenly claiming that it really was Michael, so that they can try to stop the sale of the tape. Of course, that confirms what Ralphige said all along about it being real… As for whether or not the Jackson estate has a legal claim here, I’m guessing they’re using a publicity rights claim, but it’s questionable as to whether or not that really applies. Since the whole thing is a prank call, no one thinks that MJ “endorsed” the call. It seems like yet another abuse of intellectual property law to try to stop something that may be embarrassing , but not illegal.

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Comments on “Michael Jackson Estate Claims Prank Caller Can't Sell Recording Because It Has Jackson's Voice On It”

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Kevin (profile) says:

Jesus, Mike

Didn’t you take Civics 101? Don’t you read the Constitution? We are a nation of laws, and laws exist to protect the defenseless wealthy and powerful elites from public embarrassment caused by their own improprieties and foolish actions.

Just look at how our president, a constitutional scholar and former law professor sworn to uphold the law, has spent his presidency relentlessly prosecuting and depriving of human rights the depraved whistle-blowers who have embarrassed Our Most Holy and Sacred Government, and its constituent Supreme Wealthy Elites. This is precisely what it means to enforce the letter of the law.

I’m always surprised when commentators don’t understand the basic facts involved in what they’re reporting.

Kevin (profile) says:

Not to seem cold here...

It’s not about Michael Jackson’s rights. It’s about the rights of his descendants to continue to make money off his success without contributing anything to society.

Reaganomics 101: the “trickle-down” effect. Michael Jackson made lots of money by successfully making lots of things people wanted to consume, and if we leave that money alone, it will trickle down and benefit everyone from his children to his grandchildren to maybe even his great-great-grand-nieces-and-nephews!

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