DailyDirt: Green(er) Money, Plastic Money, High-Tech Money…

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There’s a lot of money in the world, but the vast majority of it is not cash. Digital bits accounting for vast sums are the intangible fabric of our economy now. Still, people like to use cash — and here are some interesting articles on physical currency.

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Comments on “DailyDirt: Green(er) Money, Plastic Money, High-Tech Money…”

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Rekrul says:

The use of cash is in decline, as more and more people pay with plastic. The US Treasury didn’t print any $10 bills last year?!

Do they still air those propaganda commercials where it shows customer after customer paying by sliding their card through a reader, while the line moves swiftly, until one person starts to pull out cash and the whole line grinds to a halt? Everyone, including the cashier gives the guy a dirty look, like he’s done something wrong.

I pay with cash and almost every time I’m in a store, I get stuck behind someone paying with plastic. They slide the card through, then have to do it a second time because it didn’t register or they didn’t put it in the right way. Then they need to enter their PIN, which they usually screw up, or the cashier has to help them with. Then there’s several seconds of confusion over whether it went through or not. Then they need to sign the receipt. When I get there, the cashier tells me the total, I take out the appropriate amount of bills and sometimes coins, the cashier gives me my change and I’m out the door.

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