Texas Lawmakers Decide Not To Make TSA Gropings Illegal

from the oh-well dept

Given a second chance to pass an anti-TSA groping bill in Texas, it appears that Texas state elected officials chickened out again. While the State Senate had watered down the bill so that it allowed the TSA to continue to do the “enhanced patdowns” if they had a “reasonable suspicion” (rather than the “probable cause” standard in the original bill), the House failed to vote on the newly revised bill by the end of the session yesterday, which apparently means that the bill can’t be introduced again this year.

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Comments on “Texas Lawmakers Decide Not To Make TSA Gropings Illegal”

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Jay (profile) says:

Another thought song...

Oh where, oh where, has our dignity gone…
Oh where, oh where can it be?

Our safety’s cut short, and the gropings are wrong.
Oh where is the sanity, please?

Oh where, oh where have the cowboys gone
Oh where, oh where can they be?
They tucked tail and ran when given their chance…

So Beretta fights for my liberty.


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