Want To Give Righthaven's Backers A Taste Of Their Own Medicine?

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Okay, I had missed this last week, but this is absolutely hilarious. You may recall, last week we noted the utter hypocrisy of Righthaven’s biggest supporter, Sherman Frederick of the Las Vegas Review Journal, defending Righthaven by blatantly copying articles from the blog GametimeIP.com — and doing so in a manner where it was not at all clear who created the post (I mean, Frederick can’t even figure out how to use quotation marks, let alone something as simple as a blockquote).

If you thought it was already convoluted and twisted enough that Frederick would copy someone else’s blog to defend his support of Righthaven suing other sites for doing the exact same thing to Frederick and others at the LVRJ, it’s now getting even more meta. That’s because, as ken points out, the owner of GametimeIP, Patrick Anderson, who had been inundated with questions about this, has decided to put the copyrights for the three blog posts in question up for sale, so that if someone wants to sue Stephens Media and the LVRJ over Frederick’s potential infringement, they can do so.

In his explanation for why he is doing so, he basically notes (in much more complicated legalese — lawyers!) that some of the folks sued by Righthaven over LVRJ content, may find it useful to sue back, in order to highlight the “inconsistent legal positions” of the LVRJ/Stephens Media. And yes, unlike Stephens Media and Righthaven, he’s apparently willing to sell all of the Section 106 rights to the buyer…

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Comments on “Want To Give Righthaven's Backers A Taste Of Their Own Medicine?”

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Jay (profile) says:

Odd question #31567

Just an odd question that may boggle minds around here…

When has it ever been a good idea to sell a “right” you have to anyone else?

I’m looking at the Bill of Rights, along with the Constitution. Out of everything in either document, the ONLY “right” I could see that needs to be taken off is the 16th Amendment.

Imagine if someone sold the right to bear arms.

Imagine if you could sell the right to your free speech to someone else.

And yet somehow, this right to copy aspects of entertainment is allowed to be sold off for income.

How does that make sense?

Ed C. says:

Re: Odd question #31567

Well, a copyright is not so much a “right” but an exclusive government granted privilege for certain uses of an artistic work. The grant itself can be transferred to others, similar to the transfer of property ownership. It’s basically the only real legal basis for calling copyright “intellectual property”. Some people however have mistakenly assumed that meant the idea of exclusive property rights applied to all aspects of copyright.

That’s basically the copyright “IP” debate in nutshell.

Pixelation says:

A poem...

My name is Righthaven
my job is to sue
rights have been given
so you I will screw

I have no real right
but why would that stop me
in court I will fight
’cause no one should copy

We’re arrogant pricks
we act quite obtuse
a lawsuit that sticks
will destroy your fair use

*Feel free to add to this. Claim it as your own if you need to. Have fun!

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