Return To The Days Of Hoover's Enemy List? FBI Raiding Activists As Terrorists

from the shameful dept

Back in the days of J. Edgar Hoover running the FBI and Senator Joseph McCarthy accusing all sorts of people of various “un-American” activities, you ran the risk of being accused of all sorts of things just for disagreeing with the government. It seemed like those days were over, and I’d love to believe those days really are over, but Pickle Monger points us to the unfortunate news that the FBI has been raiding homes of various political activists, claiming that it’s part of a terrorism investigation. Many of the targets of the raids seem like unlikely “terrorists,” as they include peace/anti-war activists and union organizers. Whatever you think of their politics, we should certainly be worried when there’s any sense that political viewpoints are getting wrapped up in any claims of a “terrorism” investigation. It seems like it’s so easy to abuse that word to go after anyone who law enforcement doesn’t like. You would hope that America would have learned from its past to avoid moves like this, so it’s a shame to hear that it may still be ongoing.

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Comments on “Return To The Days Of Hoover's Enemy List? FBI Raiding Activists As Terrorists”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: Re:

read and learn something moron

and read about the Sea Sheppard people do, ram legal boats working with in international law, spraying people with chemicals, boarding their vessels, which is an act of piracy/ declaration of war, educate yourself retard

Benjamin Tucker II (profile) says:

Enemies List Returns, Grows

C?mon. Political activists are the good guys. If that?s all the farther Techdirt can stretch in defense against surveillance or other state action, then we?ve had it.

Only unlimited transgression satisfies the KGB, the Gestapo, or the FBI. And only an unyielding defense of today?s bogeyman–the accused terrorist–will stop the real bastards.

Greevar (profile) says:

Re: Re:

Democracy? Freedom? I hate to tell you, but we’ve never had either of these for as long as we’ve been a country. We’ve had slavery, corrupt government, civil war, banks controlling our money system, constant breaching of out civil rights, segregation, gender inequality, religious persecution, racial prejudice, and mass poverty across the entirety of this nation’s existence. What democracy? What freedom?

Thomas (profile) says:

We are in far more..

danger from the spooks in our own country than from real terrorists. McCarthy and Himmler would be proud of the FBI and the other government spooks that spy on U.S. citizens who are simply expressing views that the government does not like. At least the people who’s homes were raided were not dragged off and tortured (yet).

People should realize that in the wake of 9/11 the government has a perfect opportunity to crack down on all forms of protest and is going right ahead and doing it. Anyone who criticizes the government should watch their backs.

MAC says:

Our friends, the Government

That’s what happens to sheep. The get sheared, slaughtered, raped…
When the freedom act was passed nary a very few people spoke up about its dubious at best, non-existent at worst, constitutionality.
So, those in power now have a new ‘tool’ to remain entrenched in power.
When they decided to send the wealth of this country to Asia and specifically china, did anyone speak up? Anyone?
Why do you think no said a word.
Fear, they have now instilled fear into the average US citizen and fear is the most powerful weapon that they have.
Fear couple with complacency will spell the end of our freedoms. All it’s going to take is the wrong guy in the right place at the wrong time…
Remember, the road to hell is paved with the souls of those that had ?good intentions?.

Gwiz (profile) says:

Re: Good

union organizers should be raided. What a bunch of crooked Liberal jerks they are. Unions brainwash factory workers.

Wow. Maybe you should brush up on your history there a bit.

It’s possible that labor unions are coming near the end of their usefulness, but there was a time during the Industrial Revolution that they were extremely useful in gaining some rights for the factory workers.

That is unless you would really like to go back to the days when that machine ripped your arm off at the factory, you lost your job immediately and then had to pay for cleaning up the blood and fixing the machine your arm broke.

Revelati says:

We have been on this terrorism kick for a solid decade, can’t we get some new bad guys to use for propping up our political agenda? I mean really, Al-Queada has been beaten like a red headed stepchild for so long the could barely mount an attack on a retirement home across the street let alone on a super-power across the world. Almost every plot they have tried on US soil in the last ten years has been infiltrated by US agents before it even got out of the planning stages, and the few attempts that did slip under the radar were incompetent, ill-conceived, and doomed to failure. (shoe bomber, underwear bomber, idiot who set his car on fire in times square, etc…)

Lets face it, they just aren’t that scary any more, and it is making the American people wonder why we still need the bloated budgets, and restricted civil liberties for the MASSIVE security infrastructure constructed on the cries of Remember Nine Eleven! A phrase that has lost its ability to honor those we lost in a great American tragedy because it has been used for so long to bludgeon political opponents of the military/intelligence/enforcement industrial complex. (poor Ike is crying in his grave)

So you better support your patriot act and eat your freedom fries like a good little citizen because the FuBaI has more money to fight terrorism than terrorists to fight and they have to make up the difference by arresting somebody…

Anonymous Coward says:

This is, of course, exactly what the 9/11 terrorists were trying to accomplish. Not even a decade later, and the US government has degenerated into a widely hated association of fear-mongering tyrants.
The next step would be for the US to be weakened by infighting, possibly some sort of popular uprising. Hopefully that won’t happen. Perhaps the next president will actually follow through on his promises of transparency, revealing (and ending) widespread FBI/CIA/etc. corruption. That’d stop the current McCarthyism, and all that “warrantless” business, among other things. With people actually able to trust their government again, disaster would be averted.

I know nothing that ideal could happen, but hopefully whatever does happen next year will be close enough.

Secular Mennonite says:

Re: Re:

I think that’s true. The history of COINTEL and so forth shows that the Feds always try to infiltrate the Quakers first. Which is ridiculous, as the Quakers do everything out in public, and announce what they’re going to do out in public.

It’s probably just really easy to send some FBI pinhead to sit in on a Friend’s anti-war discussion. It’s got to be much harder to infiltrate groups where you have to get tatoos and not bathe regularly, and harder still to infiltrate groups with a non-english language.

Parkway Cozy says:

“It seems like it’s so easy to abuse that word to go after anyone who law enforcement doesn’t like.”

Seems like? “Communism” was never a threat to this country. Look what they did with that word. It was used to harass and threaten little old black ladies, among other things.

Whoever the “external enemy of the day” is, its always only a ploy to take away domestic rights.

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