DailyDirt: Biodegradable Materials Are Good For… Cars?

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Lots of folks are working on projects to make car parts out of biodegradable materials. Growing car parts sounds like a cool idea, but there are still some bugs to be worked out (sometimes literally). Here are just a few examples of green materials that might make it into cars someday.

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Comments on “DailyDirt: Biodegradable Materials Are Good For… Cars?”

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Darryl says:

why the /sarc about tech ?

most car parts are allready biodegradable, the only thing that have a very long degrade time is the plastics.

Rubber degrades very quickly (rubber comes from trees remember), and steal degrades (rusts).

you also do not need petrolium products to make plastics and nylone, you just need carbon, its just the cheapest source of carbon is from oil.

Lots of things produce carbon apart from oil, as you said feathers, trees, grass.

the only reason things are created that do not biodegrade is because it’s cheaper to make.

so what you buy a car now do you worry that your tyres are going to ‘biodegrade” before 100,000mls ?

All you have to do is make the manufacturer of the product (in this case the car) responsible for any product that they produce for the life of that product.

So all the parts that are not biodegradable, have to be sent back to the manufacturer, and they are not allowed to ‘throw away’ those item, but they HAVE to recycle it.

And alot of companies are doing just that these days.

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