Polish Prime Minister Says Things Funded With Public Money Should Be In The Public Domain

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Slashdot points us to a report that Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk has declared that anything funded with public money will be in the public domain (Google translation from the original Polish). It sounds like there was some hedging on this, as he perhaps suggests that they still need to classify what exactly will be public, but it’s encouraging. It’s also not entirely clear from the report if this just refers to state documents, or also the output of research funded by the state. Hopefully we’ll get some clarification soon.

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Comments on “Polish Prime Minister Says Things Funded With Public Money Should Be In The Public Domain”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re:

I’m with you, as long as you are providing the funding to make that Airbus. Don’t worry, we should be able to have a running prototype in about a year for less than a Billion ? (a real bargain).

Of course our product would be obsolete by then, because the “others” wouldn’t just sit still. But it’s all free right? So we’re good (well, I would be. You would just be about a Billion ? lighter.).

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