Two Can Play At This Game: Samsung Wants To See Apple's Next Gen iPhones & iPads

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Last week, we noted that Apple had successfully convinced a court that Samsung should be forced to hand over unreleased prototypes of its new phones and tablet computers as part of its patent dispute with Samsung. In response, Samsung (which filed countersuits over other patents) is demanding Apple hand over its next generation iPhones and iPads to Samsung. The whole thing is getting pretty childish, which is basically what happens in patent disputes of this nature. Why can’t these two companies just focus on competing in the marketplace, and letting the best company win based on who’s buying what?

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Comments on “Two Can Play At This Game: Samsung Wants To See Apple's Next Gen iPhones & iPads”

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Cowardly Anon says:


Agreed. Apple through down the gauntlet in this case, not Samsung. They are just responding in the best way they can.

I also agree that the Galaxy S is better than the iPhone. I love my Galaxy, and my iPhone loving friend is thinking of changing over for his next phone after looking at mine for a bit.

Chris in Utah (profile) says:

It makes one wonder if the players in the field came together to really inovate and share ideas what kind of world we will have. Altrustic? maybe. But free-markets work well with a repository of knowledge.

Also this brings up another good point; if were so against patents and the monopolies they bring are we willing to grant an arbitrary time length for even a shorter period? I know this has been discussed, ad nausem in other threads so spare us the debates on that issue.

However, can we get on a reasonable debate on abolishing the patent and copyright system?

This, my friends is the awakening period I think the world needs. It’s through communication of ideas that greater ones develop and I pray I see that come to pass. The Whats In It For Me thought process is archaic and its never more blatantly obvious than it is here since I started reading TD back in Hot Cofee crack for NFS. Hey what can I say? My ideas flow to entertainment & having fun; Toy soldier that I am.

Danny (user link) says:

Its a pretty vicious loop. Yes you can say that Samsung didn’t have to take it to this level but in all actuality Apple started it. Maybe if Apple recognizes that they aren’t the only ones that can make a competitor hand over prototypes (and I really don’t understand how they managed to pull that off, I would think this would be a matter of handing over trade secrets and insider information) they’ll think twice about doing it next time.

Rob says:

As others have stated, I’m with Samsung on this one. If a competitor has the blueprints for your next prototype, either through industrial espionage or legal espionage, you’re at a severe disadvantage in the market 12 months down the track. To level the playing field so Samsung can “just focus on competing in the marketplace” – this was a logical thing to do.

weneedhelp (profile) says:

We need to switch it up

Instead of fighting the pro IP crowd we need to join them. Let them get all the innovation stifling laws passed as quickly as possible so it reaches the average sheeple of America. Let them make it so bad 1/3 of users get kicked off the internet. Let prices go through the roof. Maybe when the populace cant get medicine due to cost and start dying people will get mad enough to do something. (I know I am in fantasy land. Americans will never get the balls.)Maybe we need to get our elected officials to just put prices on how much it would take to get certain legislation passed or denied. Then we could at least try to get like minded ppl together to try and purchase legislation as the corporations do.

iBelieve says:

I love it that only a few commenters chimed in on this waste of resources, typical of what seems to be the norm anymore with this and that, fighting to the end, and in the end for what? I’ll side with Samsung, just because Apple is obviously the instigator and will probably lose more by starting such a law suit, vanquished in the public eye.

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