Texas Politicians Back Off Anti-TSA Bill After Being Warned Of Potential Flight Loss

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Apparently, the new slogan for Texas is “don’t mess with Texas… unless you threaten to stop all flights out of Texas… because then we’ll fold.” Following the US Justice Department warning the state that if it passed the bill to make overly aggressive TSA gropings illegal, the TSA might have to stop all flights originating in Texas. And, rather than call the feds’ bluff, Texas politicians have shelved the bill. Apparently, this means the same bill cannot be reintroduced this session. Some have pointed out that the bill probably didn’t have enough support to make it through anyway, but it makes you wonder how much of that was due to threats from the feds.

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Comments on “Texas Politicians Back Off Anti-TSA Bill After Being Warned Of Potential Flight Loss”

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Nathan F (profile) says:

Might irresponsible of the TSA. First they threaten to not allow any flights out of Texas if they couldn’t assure the safety of passengers and flight crew. So they basically just said that they are 100% successful in catching anyone who might wish said passengers and crew harm. So if something does go wrong in the future and the flight originated out of Texas.. then we can lay all of the blame at TSA feet for failing to do their job in assuring the safety of crew and passengers.

MrWilson says:

Re: Re:

No, if the TSA fails to catch terrorists, it’s because we haven’t yet given them the chance to grope passengers from the inside also.

Why are we tying their hands and expecting them to catch terrorists if they can’t do full body cavity searches out in public?!? What do you have to hide if you’re not a terrorist?!?

Matt says:

But from the middle east & the rest of the world is OK

I find it funny (but sad) that I can fly into the US airspace from other parts of the world without being groped, nude scanned or enduring other “safety” measures. Yet if I fly internally I must be subjected to the most abusive screening in the world.

US airspace will be so much safer because the TSA has stopped all those crazy Texan terrorists from flying in US airspace. Unless the crazy Texan terrorists cross the border and fly into the US from Mexico.

Anonymous Coward says:

About 200 years ago the states joined the United States.

If United States continues to make bad laws abuse citizens of its states and piss them off, will some time later the states vote for quit?

With such a vote, no matter it’s successful or not, would be shameful for the current administration…

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