Oh Look, Sony Hacked Again, Site Used For Phishing

from the count-the-hacks dept

Late on Friday, the news came out that Sony had been hacked yet again, and this time the hacked site was being used for phishing. This was totally unrelated to the PlayStation Network hacks, but involved a website for Sony Thailand. Still, given all the trouble Sony has had lately keeping its systems secure, this seems to just add another layer to the stack of questions about Sony’s technical competence.

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Comments on “Oh Look, Sony Hacked Again, Site Used For Phishing”

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That Anonymous Coward says:

Oh and after “securing” their network, and all of the bad PR as it kept expanding… they fell victim to a SQL injection attack on yet another one of their sites.
Oh and it seems they had a habit of not encrypting passwords and such… best security practices are for other companies I guess.
This time the lucky site was Sony Music in Greece.
source –

Thanatossassin (profile) says:

Sony didn’t want to pay top dollar for Network Security, It’s really as simple as that. These aren’t problems Executives Project Managers should ever have to worry about, unless they’re being cheap with IT or have an incompetent HR staff, which also may be a result of being cheap.

Spend the money, protect your investments, make some jobs, keep hacking. Wash, rinse, repeat.

That Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re:

No the people up on high believe that they are protected from these sorts of things.
They cut away department budgets to get a bonus, and when this happens they start screaming at the 1 guy left in the system security department.
Sadly that guy is someones nephew who knew how to make a MySpace account so he knew everything about computers.

As this did not hurt their paychecks directly, its a nonissue. Its the same thought pattern that we saw when the housing bubble popped. As long as I am getting paid, who cares how the sausage is made.

HrilL says:

I guess paybacks a bitch

Hmm not that all the data breaches are related to the PS3 hack and Geo hatz. I do think it has the possibility. Sony got information on everyone that put money into his defense fund. This likely pissed people off. Sure seems like Sony’s lost way more money and respect than if they would have just kept the Linux support for the PS3. Though I do think they should have been using actual security when it comes to storing customer data. Wonder if anything else Sony related will be hacked. Looks like the can of worms has been opened.

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