New Internet Censorship Plans Lead To Protests In Turkey

from the don't-touch-my-internet dept

We’ve discussed in the past how out of touch the bureaucracy is in Turkey when it comes to censoring the internet. Over the past few years, we’ve seen Turkey ban (repeatedly) various Google sites, with YouTube frequently being blocked across the board over a single childish video. Bureaucrats have defended the blocks, claiming that it’s about “respect” and they’re not worried about how others feel about it. Yet, as the government has announced plans for further censorship, in the form of filters and restrictions on domains, thousands are apparently taking to the streets to protest, speaking out against such attempts. The government is trying to play down the new efforts, claiming they’re not really about censorship, and will be voluntary, but when asked how that fit with bans on certain domain names (e.g., you cannot have a domain name with the word “blonde” in it), the Turkish regulator (BTK) just sent the Wall Street Journal reporter “an email with a dozen of the rudest words in the Turkish lexicon, without comment or explanation.” Well, that clears it right up, then.

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Comments on “New Internet Censorship Plans Lead To Protests In Turkey”

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FuzzyDuck says:

Re: Re: Turkey not ready for EU?

I agree, and I would even say that the EU countries are pretty hypocritical when it comes to dealing with Turkey anyway. I just said it will be used by those who oppose Turkish membership.

Besides I don’t think too many EU countries have gone this far down the road of censorship. For instance, none has banned YouTube because it contained a video that they considered insulting.

SilverWolf (user link) says:

There's no cencorship

People who helded meeting only want porn.. You can check pictures from meeting.. They only want Porn.. You can read plecards (posters) they carried.. ‘DONT TOUCH MY PORN’ ‘I like porn..’ ‘All we are porno lovers..’ I think these kind of posters enough to understand those peoples aims..

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: There's no cencorship

actually no one’s banning porn. it brings four different filter profiles that can be activated by user, if users feel the need and filter profiles can be deactivated any time by user.standard profile has no limitations other than occasional unnecessary site blocking of youtube and the likes. but filters and site blocking is two different issue.

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