Disney Trademarks Seal Team 6 Two Days After SEAL Team 6 Kills Bin Laden

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Disney has a reputation of taking material from elsewhere and making it its own, but this is quite bizarre. Apparently two days after the Navy SEALs Team 6 was responsible for killing Osama bin Laden, Disney applied for a trademark on Seal Team 6 to cover clothing, toys, games, video games, and entertainment and education services, among a few other areas as well. Now, it is true that Disney has been working on a movie about seals, but the timing still seems pretty suspicious. I wonder if the Navy SEALs themselves will file a protest. I would imagine that you generally don’t want to be on the other side of a dispute with Navy SEALs. But isn’t trademark law great? It lets you claim “ownership” over a term closely related to big national events despite having nothing to do with them whatsoever. Still, Disney’s move here isn’t even quite as bad as gun maker Beretta, who not only patted itself on the back for the killing of bin Laden, it apparently missed out on the fact that the SEALs apparently use Sig Sauers instead of Berettas.

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Comments on “Disney Trademarks Seal Team 6 Two Days After SEAL Team 6 Kills Bin Laden”

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Dark Helmet (profile) says:

Did you not get the memo?

Announcing Disney’s latest animated feature: Alladin 2 – The Reckoning.

We’ll be taken on a musical romp through Alladin’s rule over Pakistan’s tribal reasons until Genie gives him up to Seal Team 6 and Buzz Lightyear puts a bullet in his face.

….Rated G.

And this one really WILL have subliminal messages placed in the background, but it won’t be telling good teenagers to take their clothes off. Rather, it’ll be an oddly toned reading of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

Disney is weird….

Comboman (profile) says:

From the makers of G-Force.....

From the studio that brought you “G-Force” and “Air Bud 12: Death from Above” comes…

_Seal Team 6_

They were just six happy-go-lucky sea lions with a talent for mischief, but when their country needed them, they answered the call.

featuring the voices of
Kiefer Sutherland as Sgt. Barky
Samuel L Jackson as Lt. Snappy
Angelina Jolie as Lt. Splashy
Ernest Borgnine as Lt. Grumpy
and Jack Black as Private Slappy

Coming to theaters Christmas 2011.

PuperScuper says:


I understand private entities using the name, but how can one so claim control over a government entity?

So, am I allowed to:
1) trademark DHS and ICE “for use in file-sharing sites”?
2) use that trademark to take down the pages that ICE puts up when taking down a ‘baaaad’ music review blog?

NullOp says:


Disney has found a way to appropriate the SEAL Team 6 logo for clothing and toys? This is the most openly greedy move I have seen in years! No doubt Disney will claim that this is a way to promote our Armed Forces, etc. But, in reality, it’s a way to line Disney’s pockets! Period, case closed! Oh, and by-the-way Disney, your actions trivialize all the SEAL teams and all the other elite forces in our military!

This is one of those “Day before yesterday” cases where, essentially, no one knew SEAL 6 from God’s house cat yesterday. And now that they have done something which has become front page news everyone wants to identify with them. In essence, steal their “glory”.

If Disney gets their way I can visualize the masses wearing SEAL Team 6 clothing. The problem is, they didn’t earn the right to do so! So many people think by wearing the brand it entitles them to the respect. Well, it doesn’t! Some things in life MUST be earned. Period! I, personally, would like to wear RANGER or SPECIAL FORCES gear. I tried to enlist in ’68 to go into SF. Problem is, I was 4F. So, I DON’T wear anything associated with military service. Not even a simple ARMY t-shirt because I didn’t earn it!

I’ll be writing my representatives about this issue and I hope it is only a rumor. God knows the net has enough of those!

neons angel says:

Re: Disney

I think its fine. Disney has done great things for the armed forces in the past. Just having a trademark for one thing isnt using it. Two – nullop are you really throwing a fit over the army shirts? Where some would agree many of us dont care. Its a sign of support. The kids in my family all have acu uniforms they play in. Have for years. Relax a little.

Disney does things for adults. It isnt just kids and they do documentries. So long as they are respectful i see no issue.

Anonymous Coward says:

The is nothing illegal about what Disney is doing, and it does not point to a flaw in trademark law.

Nevertheless, I find it disgusting for any person or company to try and turn a quick buck on the backs of what these men did in the service of our country. They will forever remain anonymous and go about their daily lives as members of the Navy. No Disney parades for them. Just the quiet satisfaction of knowing they did something important.

anymouse (profile) says:

Re: Re:

Trademarking, copyrighting, and patenting (as nuclear stockpiles against future litigation):

Seal Team 1-5 & 7 thru infinity
Special Forces Team 1 thru infinity
Green Beret Team 1 thru infinity
Medic Team 1 thru infinity
Army Team 1 thru infinity
Navy Team 1 thru infinity
Air Force Team 1 thru infinity
Marine Team 1 thru infinity

Sure it doesn’t make much sense right now…. but just wait until one of them does ‘something big’ I’ll be cashing in on licensing, or litigating the pants off someone….

Is this really what things are coming to?

DogBreath says:

Timing is everything...

If only they had taken out Osama back in 2009… then Disney could have named the lamp they were selling, “Seal Team Six”, and the Luxo lamp trademark lawsuit would never have happened because everyone knows Disney respects others legal rights (as long as it doesn’t interfere with Disney’s profits).

Disney Sued For Selling The Pixar Lamp… And The Lawsuit Makes Sense

btr1701 (profile) says:


Kinda reminds me of when Paramount sued the US Navy years ago because they were selling caps and t-shirts with “USS Enterprise” on them. Paramount didn’t like the Navy competing with their Star Trek products.

If I recall correctly Paramount had its ass soundly kicked in court over that and was told the Navy’s Enterprise pre-dated their spaceship version by a couple hundred years and they should basically just learn to deal with it.

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