NHL Says It's Infringing To Use The Keyword NHL In Your App About The NHL

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After recently posting about the NHL’s over aggressiveness in claiming that a car dealership saying, “Go Canucks Go!” in its window was infringing, we were contacted by Andrea Dulko, who let us know about her experience. She had created an iOS app called Red Light District, which provides news, highlights and analysis concerning NHL hockey. It’s basically an aggregator of information about the NHL. However, Apple forwarded her a complaint, saying that by simply using NHL as a keyword, it was infringing on the NHL’s trademark. To put it mildly, this is ridiculous. The use was descriptive and accurate, and there’s no likelihood of confusion. No proverbial “moron in a hurry” is going to see a simple app with NHL news and assume it must be from the NHL itself. Either way, Dulko decided to pull the keyword, but she also more or less stopped updating the app. Congratulations, NHL, on taking the fun out of fans promoting you.

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Comments on “NHL Says It's Infringing To Use The Keyword NHL In Your App About The NHL”

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AJBarnes says:


Maybe they just don’t deserve them. I have quit watching almost all professional sports. I used to be able to go to a baseball game and have a hot dog and drink for about $10. Today, it costs almost $100. Basketball? They took all the class out of the game when they dumbed down the rules. Traveling, goal tending… all gone. It’s just who can slam dunk with the most noise. And football? Same money grab as the others.

So I just switched to the minor leagues and now watch professional college sports.

Anonymous Coward says:

Simple, Pro-IP solution...

…let’s just eliminate everything NHL (oops…sorry) from the Internet. Then roll in laughter when fans can’t find scores, directions, tickets (!), licensed merchandise or anything else. After all, we can’t tell what’s an officially licensed referece to their silly initials so best to be safe and take that acronym off the web. Make an example of the narrow-minded NHL (dang, did it again) by wiping them off the face of the electronic earth. As always, the lesson is to be careful what you wish for.

PRMan (profile) says:

Re: Simple, Pro-IP solution...

And strangely, they already learned this lesson about 10 years ago. Jim Rome used to be what he called “the biggest pimp for the NHL” and talked about them way more than they deserved ratings-wise because he liked hockey.

Gary Bettman tried to control what he talked about and he quit talking about them at all for about 7 years.

You would think they would keep this in mind before suing people that are using the trademark as a reference only.

NullOp says:

Do you think....

Personally I think it would be of great value if we could kill all the free advertising that goes on. I don’t know when it became popular to wear advertising but I find it very distasteful. IMHO, cover up all the logos on your clothes or, better yet, don’t buy clothes with logos! And as for the NHL…they need to get over themselves!

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