Blog Posts About Crusing Around The Caribbean On New Boyfriend's Sailboat Leads To Alimony Reduction

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There are a growing number of lawsuits involving stuff people put online via social networks, blogs, Twitter, etc. which later gets them into trouble on legal issues. Evan Brown has the details on a case involving a woman who was receiving alimony from her ex-husband. This took place in Connecticut, where the law says alimony can be reduced if the ex-spouse starts living with an unrelated member of the appropriate sex. The court then used a bunch of blog posts about her sailing around the Caribbean for months on her new boyfriend’s sailboat (along with the fact that she had rented out her own condo) to conclude that she was, in fact, cohabitating with someone new, and reduced her alimony by 70%.

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Comments on “Blog Posts About Crusing Around The Caribbean On New Boyfriend's Sailboat Leads To Alimony Reduction”

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david says:

Originally alimony to wives was paid because it was assumed that the marriage, and the wife’s right to support, would have continued but for the misbehavior of husband. Ending alimony on divorce would have permitted a guilty husband to profit from his own misconduct. In contrast, if the wife committed the misconduct, she was considered to have forfeited any claim to ongoing support.

in the land of no fault divorces this tired and outdated concept should be retired. especially when considered that women are the primary recipients of alimony (men getting around 5%) and women are statistically the partner who files for divorce the most. only 12 -15 percent in one study for abuse 30% for cheating and the majority for irreconcilable differences.

Get Real says:

Re: so he is raking in the money. Should he have to pay alimony, I think so

There in it self is the issue. Tie the father up in court battles, lawyers, and anything else you can do to ensure the father doesn’t have quality time with his children. So what if he has 2 jobs. If he is paying child support, its the only way he can build a solid life for himself as well as his children. When does he see the kids. That should be the top proirity for the X as well as the courts. Most good fathers would freely do anything for their children, its when the X’s get in the mind set of i’m entitled to your $$$ and you don’t deserve to have anything, that is why things are the way they are…

Mojo says:

Ah, once again the narcisism of blogging and tweeting your life to a world that generally doesn’t care bites someone in the ass.

It’s fun to watch everyone from A-list celebs to the greedy divorcee down the street get their ass handed to them for failing to think before they tweet.

How many people have we seen loose their job because they think being the first to blurt out an opinion on some hot topic is somehow important?

For all the good Twitter CAN do in the world, it’s still 99% the noise of self-absorbed schmedricks who actually think anyone cares what they had for lunch.

Eileen (profile) says:

Everyone missed the big alimony loophole: women should clearly start cohabitating with rich lesbians to avoid alimony reductions!!


While I agree alimony is an outdated concept and should be phased out, I think our society is not 100% there yet. There is still a huge pay gap for women doing the same jobs as men – this is documented – and many women are still encouraged by their families to essentially go straight into being a wife/mother with little or no experience in the job world. If their husband does later divorce them, then that woman is at a significant disadvantage.

But rather than pay her money for nothing the rest of her life (here I can sympathise with guys a lot)… it seems like paying for a shorter time-frame (long enough to get some job training, perhaps) would be better in this situation. Hell I would say that it should go the other way as well if a working woman divorces her “stay at home dad” husband who has been raising the kids.

Pamela says:

Re: Re:

your example works for certain women with no real world experience, but the fact is that they are not the only ones who are receiving alimony. Women with the credentials to get very good paying jobs are fighting for and receiving alimony. Example my ex roomate who have a higher degree than that of her now divorced husband.

My belief is that alimony should also be conditional where the receiving party must prove that they are actively seeking employment and/or training in order to become self sufficient.

Jay (profile) says:

Re: Re:

” There is still a huge pay gap for women doing the same jobs as men”

When are men and women doing the exact same jobs? And there’s quite a number of reasons that the pay can differ since men are more likely to negotiate price.

And I hate to say it but another “risk” for a company is to have a woman trained in a certain industry but then she leaves for maternal care, not to return.

The few women that I can think of as career women are Carly Fiona, Tina Fey, or Zoe Lofgren. How should they be paid when compared to others?

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: Re:

And I hate to say it but another “risk” for a company is to have a woman trained in a certain industry but then she leaves for maternal care, not to return.

Who else is gonna do it? Have the babies, I mean. Babies, kids, they’re debt generators, man! It might be more likely that a new mom would almost *have* to go back to work to maintain those costs.

Men leave jobs all the time too, career choices, medical issues, lifestyle changes.

That ‘maternal leaving never to be seen again’ thing is corporate avoidance and ass-covering, termination/do-not-hire smoke blowing.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re:

Well, I don’t know about everywhere, but in many places in the US alimony isn’t forever. It’s for a set time period. In Michigan it’s either 18 months or 3 years – can’t remember which, but it’s definitely time limited. And it can be further cut short if the spouse getting alimony gets remarried.

abc gum says:

“self serving surveys”

Not sure what you are saying here. The census? The IRS? To what do you refer? Data is hardly ever completely free of bias, deal with it.

Your other point seems rather silly. Women can and have easily obtained knowledge and experience in any particular field of their choice. Why do you assume this is not the case?

Michial Thompson (user link) says:

No excuse for Alimoni

Women use any excuse they can to find reasons to be a financial drain on men even after they CHOOSE to file for divorce.

WHY should ANY man EVER pay to support a woman after she has left? The BS that women can’t make as much money is crap, millions of women NEVER marry and are still making it, should some random guy be forced to supplement their income too?

Take it or leave it, if you want the guys money, then stay in the damn marriage.

Spyder says:

Re: No excuse for Alimoni

There are some times when it makes sense. For instance, if a young couple were to get married straight out of high school and the man went to college while the woman worked to get him through it, it would make sense. Also, if a woman became pregnant and they decided she should quit her career to focus on raising the kid(s). She has put herself at a disadvantage in her career permanently, giving her less experience and possibly making her start as an entry level employee at 40 or 50.

Now, obviously alimony does not make sense in all circumstances. It also doesn’t make sense many times it is awarded. But there are times when it would make sense.

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