Winklevi Won't Give Up; Appealing The Ruling That They Have To Accept 'Just' $160 Million

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Incredible. After being told to shut up and take their $160 million from Facebook, the Winklevoss twins are apparently still planning to appeal the ruling from the 9th Circuit. They’re filing for an en banc hearing (basically asking all of the judges on the court to rehear the case, rather than the typical panel of three). On issues where there is some disagreement among the judges you’ll see en banc hearings. Frankly, I’d be pretty surprised if the 9th Circuit is willing to rehear this case. And, at that point, their only resort will be to appeal to the Supreme Court, who I really doubt would find this a pressing matter of Constitutional importance. What’s amazing to me is how much these guys seem to be hurting their own reputations here. Seriously, take the $160 million or so and move on.

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Comments on “Winklevi Won't Give Up; Appealing The Ruling That They Have To Accept 'Just' $160 Million”

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Planespotter (profile) says:

Dear Winklies,

You had a business that failed, you sued a competitor claiming he stole your business idea, rather than take it all the way in court you accepted a cash/share payoff. You cannot go back and say you want more money. Please take the millions you didn’t warn through hard work and go spend it on whatever it is that floats your collective boats.

Lot of love,

The Internet xxx

sumquy (profile) says:

why should they just “take the $160 million or so and move on”?
facebook was their idea before zuckerburg came along and stole it. they spent hours coming up with and perfecting the perfect model for a social networking service, only to see zuckerburg come along and open a real website and service, without any kind of payment or license to them. the evidence clearly shows that they were talking about starting some kind of social networking service at some point in the future, or they could have sold that idea to a venture capitalist firm, or just held on to it until a more opportune moment. zuckerburgs’ actions clearly devalued the market for their idea, and as such they should receive all the moneys earned from facebook, and not just whatever crumbs that idea thief chooses to give them.

Greg G (profile) says:

Re: Re:

the evidence clearly shows that they were talking about starting some kind of social networking service at some point in the future…

Umm.. in your own words, they were only talking about it. I can talk about doing something all day/week/month/year/decade/century/millenium/eon/epoch/you get the idea long. If I never DO it, then I have no right to go sue someone that actually does something to make it happen.

If you only talk about doing something, and I come along and actually do it, and then you come trying to take MY earnings.. well, good luck.

Apparently ‘actions speak louder than words’ is no longer true.

NullOp says:


There is a really big gap between an idea and execution of the idea. If ideas were real property then everyone would be documenting their ideas and waiting to spring a lawsuit on whoever has the same idea and executes it successfully a.k.a. the Trapdoor Spider theory.

The fact is Zuckerberg and the Winklevoss Twins, WT, were on a collision course with their ideas. Even if the WT hadn’t approached Zuckerberg this suit may very well have happened anyway. The WT should take their 160M and do something constructive rather than beat this dead-horse any longer.

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